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Author: joybucket
Created: October 5, 2018
Taken: 23 times
Rated: G

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Have you ever....

Created by joybucket and taken 23 times on Bzoink
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carved a pumpkin?
missed a doctor's appointment cuz you forgot?
had to use an epi pen?
had a severe allergic reaction?
cheated on a test?
had your camera battery run out in the middle of filming a youtube video?
had your camera battery run out in the middle of doing a photo shoot?
dressed up just to take selfies?
dressed up just to film a youtube video?
filmed multiple youtube videos on the same day?
slept for two days straight?
had a finger go numb and turn white?
led someone to Christ?
not done something and later wished you had?
fallen down the stairs?
painted your room?
made a DIY crafts video?
done a craft with a mason jar?
drawn a self-portrait?
painted a self-portrait?
been sick during the prettiest week of the year?
been sick on your birthday?
felt like you had your free will stolen from you?
regretted something?
fallen asleep in class?
fallen asleep in church?
been excited for church?
loved school?
been a teacher's favorite student?
won a scholarship?
won an essay contest?
won a costume contest?
ran a 5k?
ran a race longer than a 5k?
dyed your hair a wild color?
cut your own bangs?
cut your own hair (besides bangs)?
did rainbow make-up around your eyes?
done a craft you saw on Pinterest?
sent clothes to ThredUp?
had to pay a Paypal late fee?
had the police knock on your door?
had the police barge in on you?
been questioned by the police?
been arrested?
been convicted of a crime?
been a suspect of a crime?
been bullied online?
been bullied in real life?
been harassed?
been abused?
had an annoying neighbor?
been assaulted?
been cussed out?
been punched in the face?
stood up for yourself?
been a pushover?
stayed up all night?
gained weight from a medication?
had a 105 degree fever?
gone to the emergency room?
had an asthma attack?
had your tonsils out?
had your wisdom teeth removed?
had braces?
had glasses?
worn contacts?
took a long time to learn how to wear contacts?
had motion sickness?
had carsickness?
gotten sick on a roller coaster?
been on a cruise?
been to another country?
had a dream come true?
cried yourself to sleep?
wrote in a diary?
acted socially awkward in front of your crush?
done something embarrassing in front of your crush?
called the wrong number?
had a wrong number call you?
prank called someone?
played Truth or Dare?
been mooned by someone?
kissed someone just to try it out?
dated someone just to try it out?
broken someone's heart?
had your heart broken?
had someone try to kill you?
been extremely angry?
thrown something across the room in anger?
wrote "Dear Diary"?
laughed so hard you cried?
had to leave school early because of cramps?
thrown up from cramps?
had something embarrassing happen to you at school?
had a bathroom accident at school?
gotten in trouble for breaking the dress code?
had detention?
been late for class?
stayed up all night finishing an essay?
enjoyed writing papers?
enjoyed diagramming sentences?
passed notes in class?
asked out your crush?
had a crush on a teacher?
been in love with a teacher?
went sledding?
been jealous of someone?
been bullied by someone who was jealous of you?
been to a wedding?
been IN a wedding?
got married?
been engaged?
given birth?
had surgery?
stayed overnight in a hospital?
flown on a plane?
lost someone you loved?
cried over someone you missed?
loved someone who abused you?
been persecuted for your faith?
given your life to Jesus?
been baptized in water?
attended an Easter service?
attended a Christmas Eve candlelight service?
sang on the worship team?
led worship through dance?
been told you sound like an angel?
been mistaken for an angel?
been told you're a good singer?
been complimented on your looks?
thought you only looked pretty with make-up on?
gone a week without showering?
been to summer camp?
hiked a mountain?
had some huge regrets?
gotten lost in a big city?
had a bad experience donating blood?
been stung by a bee?
had 50 or more mosquito bites at once?
slept under the stars?
sat on a rooftop?
snuck out of your house?
had something stolen from you?
told someone they hurt you, and they didn't care?
painted a rock and hid it somewhere in your town?
written in calligraphy?
been told you have perfect handwriting?
been told you have neat handwriting?
made a bucket list?
painted each fingernail a different color?
planned your wedding on Pinterest?
gone on a shopping spree at Goodwill?
shopped at Kmart?
ridden Top Thrill Dragster?
ridden Millennium Force?
ridden The Gemini?
ridden Space Mountain at Disney World?
accidentally broke a glass?
created a survey?
made a youtube video?
posted in the forums on here?
worn a paper bag over your head?
fallen asleep with your laptop on your lap?
lost your keys?
had a purse or bag stolen from you?
had a flip phone?
had a smartphone?
worn galaxy print leggings?
crossed the Mackinac Bridge?
crossed the Golden Gate Bridge?
seen a shooting star?
seen a double rainbow?
seen a rainbow out your window?
seen the harvest moon?
seen an eclipse?
counted ceiling tiles because you were bored in class?
been bored in church?
doodled in the margins of your notebook?
read the entire Bible?
read your favorite book over and over again?
lost something valuable to you?
lost someONE valuable to you?
felt lonely in a group of people?
felt lonely?
felt all alone in a world full of people out to destroy you?
had a doctor told you your symptoms were anxiety, when it wasn't?
had an ER doctor refuse to treat you?
been called a liar by your landlord?
been stabbed in the back by a friend?
wanted to talk to someone but had no one?
had a counselor refuse to speak to you?
had a seizure?
felt threatened for your life?
had the police threaten to barge in on you?
burned yourself on something hot?
thought roller coasters were relaxing?