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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: September 26, 2018
Taken: 65 times
Rated: PG

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Are We Alike? [In Categories]

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 65 times on Bzoink
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You are vegan/vegetarian because you love animals
You have two cats
Your parents have a dog
You've had hamsters before
You've had frogs/tadpoles before
You've had hermit crabs beforr
You've had a ton of fish before
Harry Potter is your favorite series of all time
You pretty much only read fiction/fantasy/supernatural books
You like Twilight, but not nearly as much as you used to
You like The Hunger Games
You like The Host
You like the House of Night series
You love The Giver
You mainly just wear black
Aqua/teal is one of your favorite colors
Purple is one of your favorite colors
Your hair is dyed red
Your eyes are green/hazel
Your skin is extremely pale
Your hair is naturally a medium brown
You are addicted to Mountain Dew
But you've cut yourself off from caffeine recently
You love sweetened iced tea
You like Coke and Pepsi
You never drink cow's milk, only soy/almond/coconut/cashew
You love mango flavored drinks
You love Starbucks frappuccinos
You love singing more than anything
You write your own songs
You play piano
You play flute
You're good at drawing
You love PC games like The Sims and House Flipper and Zoo Tycoon
You love making and watching YouTube videos
Your parents are still married
You have an older brother
Two of your grandparents are still living
You have six first cousins
Your dad has cancer
Your mom is bipolar
You don't have any biological aunts
You love pizza
You love pasta
You love salad
You love Mediterranean food
You love Indian food
You love Mexican food
Your favorite dessert is flan/creme brulee
The Sims 4 is your favorite game of all time
You like games like games like WoW and LoL
Mariokart is your favorite racing game
You love Kingdom Hearts
Ocarina of Time is your favorite Zelda game
Sonic 2 Battle is your favorite Sonic game
You've recently discovered the game House Flipper
You have asthma
You have acid reflux
You have irritable bowel syndrome
You have sculiosis
You keep having health scares recently
You need to have a colonoscopy soon/have had one before
You are very underweight and need to gain some weight
You have a celebrity crush on Johnny Depp
You have a celebrity crush on Noah Centineo
You have a celebrity crush on Zac Efron
You have a woman crush on Lily Collins
You have a woman crush on Lexus Amanda
Demi Lovato is your favorite pop star
Your main idols are the singers of bands you listen to
You don't have any children
You want children
Your boyfriend just wants to adopt
You'd be okay with adopting
You had an afro as a kid
You were bullied as a kid
You have fur babies now
You are in a relationship
You have always been in relationships since high school
You've been in eight relationships total
You've kissed ten people total
You've kissed the same gender before
You are straight, but also bicurious
You lost your virginity at sixteen
You work from home
You've been a cashier before
You've been a barista before
You've been hostess before
You've been a server before
You've been fired from a job unfairly
You're happy with your current job
You love Hairspray
You love Jim Carrey movies
You love TRON
You love Black Swan
You love Mean Girls
You love She's The Man
You love Johnny Depp movies
Your name starts with an S
Your middle name starts with an R
Your last name starts with a W
You have an uncommon first, middle, and last name
You love names that start with K
You love names with Ys in them
You love unique/uncommon names
The city that you want to visit most is Tokyo
Your favorite ride is Space Mountain
You love rollercoasters
But you don't love rides that go upside down
You love amusement parks and fairs/carnivals
You drive a Hyundai Elantra
Your car is very beat up and almost not driveable
You sometimes use Uber/Lyft
Social Media
Instagram is your favorite social media platform
You have a YouTube channel
You have a Facebook
You don't understand/dislike Twitter
You have a Tumblr, but don't use it as much anymore
You used to love Myspace way more than Facebook
You like using Snapchat filters, even though they annoy people
You are a very quiet/shy person
You are a very creative person
You are a very caring/loving person
You think you're funny
You think you're attractive [but only with makeup on]
You're very indecisive/apathetc
You worry a lot/have bad anxiety
You are Jewish
You are very Liberal
You are pro-choice
You believe that there's good and bad people of every religion
You are vegan because contributing to animal cruelty is disgusting & wrong
You are very anti-guns and violence
You are not racist or sexist and believe everyone should be created equal
You are 5'5
You only weigh about 100 pounds
You love Disney
You love Pokemon
You love superheroes
You love alternative fashion
You're a night owl
You love sleep
Your greatest fear is death
You're afraid of fire and water both
Are we alike? How so?