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Author: joybucket
Created: September 1, 2018
Taken: 14 times
Rated: G

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Another Youtuber Survey

Created by joybucket and taken 14 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever bought another youtuber's merch?
If so, who's was it?
^What did it look like?
^Did you like it?
What are your goals for your youtube channel?
How many subscribers do you have?
Are you hoping to make it big?
Do you make money off of youtube?
Who are some of your favorite youtubers?
What video are you most excited about making right now?
Do you have a lot of fall videos planned?
What do you plan on being for Halloween this year?
If you don't know, what are some things you are considering being?
Are you going to film a DIY Halloween costume video?
Do you hope to make it big and design merch one day?
Would you design merch yourself or hire someone else to do it?
Do you have an idea right now of what you'd design?
What would you sell: shirts? hoodies? socks? mugs?
What are some small businesses you've dreamed of starting?
What is your ultimate dream job?
What is your ultimate career goal?
Are you doing what you love?
Do you enjoy editing, or do you wish your videos would edit themselves?
What are some things you wish you had that would make your videos better?
Have you ever bought anything for a youtube video?
What is your posting schedule?
Have you ever done a giveaway?
Do you want to do a giveaway?
If so, what kind of giveaway do you want to do?
What kinds of videos have you been watching the most of lately?
Would you ever share an embarrassing period story, or is that too far out..
...of your comfort zone?
What challenge are you most looking forward to completing?
What 24 hour challenges do you want to do?
Who are your favorite vloggers?
Who has the best song cover?
Do you like to do crafts?
Have you ever done a DIY craft you saw in a youtube video?
Do you ever make up your own DIY crafts?
Do you think you have the potential to be a big youtuber?
How long have you been doing youtube?
How do you promote your channel?
What are some of the best DIY Halloween costumes you've seen?
What are some DIY projects you want to try?
Do you own a hot glue gun?
If you had kids, would you let them be in youtube videos?
What youtuber would you most like to meet?
Do you want to go to VidCon?
Which youtuber has the best room?
Who are the best twins on youtube?
Who has the best hair on youtube?
Would you ever do a collab?
Who has the best merch?
If you had a baby, would you put your baby on youtube?
Do you have Twitter?
If not, have you considered making an account just for youtube?
Do you have Instagram?
If not, have you considered making an account just for youtube?
Do you have an email address for business inquiries?
Have you ever gotten any business inquiries?
Would you be embarrassed to talk about periods in a youtube video?
Would you ever film a "Girl Struggles" video?
Would you ever film a "fans control my life for a day" video?
What is your favorite tag video you've done so far, if applicable?
What is your favorite video overall that you've filmed so far?
Are you proud of your videos?
How long does it usually take you to edit a video?
Do you comment on a lot of others' videos?
Are you subscribed to a lot of channels?
Do you get hate comments?
What do you usually do about hate comments?
How do you avoid getting copyright strikes/warnings?
Any tips for me? (I'm a new youtuber)
What about others' videos do you really like and want to imitate?
Have you ever filmed in a place that didn't allow cameras?
Have you ever been told you couldn't film in a store?
Have you ever filmed in a store?
Would you feel uncomfortable vlogging in Target?
Have you ever got busted by the police for doing a youtube challenge?
What's your favorite challenge you've done, if applicable?
Do you give shout-outs?
What is your channel name?
Why did you start doing youtube?
Are you any of your real-life friends on youtube?
Do you wish youtube had been around when you were in high school?
Will you let your kids have their own youtube channels?
Do you post videos frequently?
How do you get ideas for videos?
Who is your favorite small youtuber?
Do you have a creative idea for a video that hasn't been done before?
Are there people whom you DON'T want to know you have a youtube channel?
Do you wish you could take a class on how to make better videos?
Do you wish you had a better camera?
Where do you film most of your videos?
What video do you plan on posting next?
In what ways do you need to improve?
What things do you already have going for you?
Have you ever entered a giveaway?
Have you ever WON a giveaway?
How many subscribers do you think someone should have before they do one?
How many subscribers do you think one should have before making a patreon?
How many subscribers do you think one should have before selling merch?
Would you ever want to make youtuber your full-time job?
Do you watch youtube videos a lot?
I hope you enjoyed this survey. Message me if you'd like the link to my
channel! :)