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Author: emptyspaces
Created: August 31, 2018
Taken: 44 times
Rated: G

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Don't live the same year 80 times and call it a life

Created by emptyspaces and taken 44 times on Bzoink
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What color is your favorite watch?
Is anyone in your family over six feet tall?
How long after graduating high school did you move away from your hometown?
Have you ever felt like you couldn't fully trust a significant other?
Do you find it unsettling that the world population has doubled since 1970?
Do you want children? Why/why not?
What was your last major purchase?
Do you live alone? If not, would you ever want to?
How many relationships have you been in?
How long did each of those relationships last?
Do you currently have any alcohol in your house?
When was the last time someone put you in an awkward situation?
Have you ever called the police on someone? For what?
Do you know how to make omelettes?
Has anyone lost their virginity to you?
What improvement would be the most beneficial to your life right now?
How old is the last female you texted?
How old is the last male you texted?
What was the last food you cooked that had bell peppers in it?
Have you ever merged finances with a significant other?
Where was the most remote location you've ever been to?
What is your most unhealthy habit?
Do you have an Instagram? If so, what was the last photo you posted?
How often do you wash your hair?
Have you ever kissed someone with brown eyes?
What foods did you buy the last time you bought groceries?
Has your house ever been damaged in a storm?
When was the last time you turned on the air conditioning?
What's the most useless talent you have?
What's the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment where you live?
What's the least amount you've weighed since reaching your full height?
Do you live somewhere where you have upstairs or downstairs neighbors?
Have you ever been on a cruise? If so, where did you go?
What genre does your favorite TV show belong in?
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