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Author: joybucket
Created: August 21, 2018
Taken: 45 times
Rated: G

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A-Z Questions

Created by joybucket and taken 45 times on Bzoink
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Are you artistic?
Are you adventurous?
Who do you know who has autism?
Are you American?
What is your age?
Are you brilliant?
What brings you here today?
Favorite Biggby drink? (or coffee shop drink, if you don't have Biggby)
Best birthday party you've had?
Biggest bully you know?
Have you ever been to a cathedral?
What is your cat's name?
Can you draw caricatures?
Did you watch the show Caitlin's Way?
What's your favorite candy bar?
Favorite Disney character?
Dandelions or daffodils?
Do you like to dance?
What are your dreams?
Do you keep a diary?
Do you wear earrings a lot?
What is your favorite food to eat?
Elves or eagles?
Do you like eggnog?
Elephants or eels?
Favorite fragrance?
Are you fashionable?
Favorite flavors?
Are you a free spirit?
Do you feel deeply?
What are you grateful for?
Do you like to play games?
Are you a good person?
Gnomes or giraffes?
Do you wear a lot of gray?
Are you happy most of the time?
Are you eyes hazel?
Hawaii or Houston?
Are you a "him" or "her"?
Favorite holiday?
Are you part Indian?
Are you part Irish?
Do you have a big imagination?
Are you intelligent?
Favorite island you've visited?
Do you like jokes?
Which name is better:James, Jude, or John?
Do you wish their were more justice in the world?
Do you judge people?
Have you ever been to jail?
Are you kind to nearly everyone?
Are you a kid at heart?
Age of first kiss?
Was your first kiss magical?
Kindergarten teacher?
Who do you love?
Do you love yourself? Are you kind to yourself?
Favorite lake?
Do you like to laugh?
Last letter you wrote?
Do you prefer magic or mayhem?
Do you want to live in a mansion?
Do you live in a state that starts with "M"? If so, what?
Music or movies?
Monster or monkey?
What is your niche?
What is one thing you will never do again?
Do you need to say "no" more often?
Are you noticed?
Is your home kept neat and tidy?
Do you like oranges?
Do you like the color orange?
Do you make the most of every opportunity?
What was the last big opportunity you missed?
Are you open?
Favorite type of pasta?
Favorite passtime?
Favorite type of pie?
Pencils or pens?
Are you passionate? If yes, about what?
What does your favorite quilt look like, and who made it?
Are you quiet?
Are you quirky?
Do people question your motives?
Would you ever want to go to Quebec?
Do you like to run?
Do you like to read?
Red roses or red noses?
Favorite red food?
Are you real?
List five names you like that start with S.
Saturday or Sunday?
Are you sweet? Do people call you sweet?
Are you sensitive?
Are you silly?
Who do you trust?
Favorite toy as a child?
Are you talkative?
Have you ever turned trash into treasure?
Have you ever treasured someone who couldn't care less about you?
What does your umbrella look like?
Can you play the ukulele?
What are your uncle's names?
Do you think you are ugly?
What is something you don't understand?
Is your house Victorian?
Favorite vacation you've been on?
Do you voice your opinion frequently, or do you usually keep it to yourself
Are you vain?
Are you violent?
What do you wish for?
Are you wonderful?
Has anyone ever called you wild?
Do you want more out of life?
Do you like to worship?
Have you ever played the xylophone?
What have you had x-rays of?
Have you ever used an X-Acto knife for an art project?
Do you watch X Factor?
Do you know anyone named Xavier?
Are you young? How young are you?
Are you youthful?
Favorite shade of yellow?
Can you yodel?
Do you like to yell?
Are you zealous?
Favorite zoo animal?
What do you have zero of?
Zip-up hoodie or pullover hoodie?
Did you used to watch the show Zoom?