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Author: joybucket
Created: August 21, 2018
Taken: 12 times
Rated: G

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another day in this lonely world...

Created by joybucket and taken 12 times on Bzoink
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What makes you feel happier?
Do you like where you live?
Are you generally happiest in the morning or evening?
Do you have a favorable opinion of Prednisone?
Does the sun come in your window in the morning or at night?
Do you make wishes on the moon?
...on stars?
...on dandelions?
...on 11:11?
Do you have a shirt with a cat on it?
What was the last piece of art you created?
Do you go for walks?
What is your favorite thrift store?
Do you have cramps right now?
What is the best remedy for cramps, have you found?
Do you get cramps?
Who is your favorite contortionist?
Could you ever be a contortionist?
Do you think blonde is the best hair color, honestly?
What hair color do you like best?
Would you ever dye your hair for a movie, if you were to star in one?
What time is your alarm set for?
Do you have an alarm clock, or do you use your watch or your phone?
What time of day do you take medications?
What season's colors do you look best in?
Are you ready for fall???
Do you prefer candy corn or conversation hearts?
What's your newest hobby you've started?
Is your life fulfilling, or is it too stressful for you?
When was the last time you were happy?
Can you relate to Paramore's song, "Fake Happy"?
Can you relate to Paramore's song, "Ain't it Fun"?
What's the best song to listen to when you're missing someone?
What song do you feel is the theme song to your life?
Have you ever had a friend betray you?
Are you struggling with letting go of someone or something right now?
Favorite way to eat eggs?
Do you have a car?
How do you earn extra cash on the side?
Do you have your own business?
What are some things you wanted to do that your parents didn't let you do?
Are you more messy or organized?
Which holidays are your favorite?
Where are you dreaming of moving to, if applicable?
What big cities are your favorite?
Do you live in a big city, small town, or out in the country? Or other?
If you were to move, would you rather move to a big city, small town, or..?
Who has been hurting you the most lately?
Do you have any empty boxes in your house?
What youtube channels do you recommend?
Would you ever do a swap box with anyone on youtube?
Are you allergic to any insects?
....plants or trees?
...anything unusual? (If so, what?)
Do you think you are sensitive to histamine?
What is your favorite day of the week?
Do you own a unicorn horn?
Do you have enough colorful clothes to be a Lisa Frank girl for Halloween?
Green or blue?
Red or pink?
Black or brown?
Do you look good in brown?
What year did you graduate high school?
What is your significant other's name, if applicable?
If you're single, are you lonely?
If you're with someone, are you lonely?
Have you ever done a 24 hour challenge for youtube?
Do you consider Hello Kitty girly or goth? Or scene? Or something else?
What stereotype do you fit the most?
Do you dress the part of different stereotypes?
Do you wear chokers?
Do you think pop music was better in the 90's, or is it better today?
What do you use to listen to music on?
Do you buy dollar store decorations for holidays?
What do you want in your life that isn't there?
Do you feel connected as part of a church right now?
Do you drink tea a lot?
Tea or coffee?
Do you still have the same dream that you had as a kid?
What celebrities were you obsessed with when you were younger?
Are you obsessed with any celebrities now? If so, who?
What color are your bedroom walls?
What posters do you have up in your room?
Barbie or Polly Pocket?
Did you watch Nick Jr. with Face?
Ballet or cheerleading?
What are your favorite sports to watch?
Do you watch football just for the marching band?
Were you ever in the marching band?
Which holiday has the best decorations, in your opinion?
Do you have a friend who's treating you unreasonably?
Do you feel you have a voice?
What do you want to be known for?
Would you prefer to be known or be ignored?
Do you feel overlooked?
Are you most popular people you know some of the meanest people you know?
What sports do you think you would join if you could go back to high school
How are you different now than you were in high school?
Who is the loneliest person you know?
How often do you wear make-up?
Think of the person you are jealous of...what are you jealous of them for?
Do you have art that you made in high schools?
What are your favorite current fashion trends?
If you had kids, would you let them post videos on youtube?
Do you have trauma in your past?
Favorite type of frosting?
Have you ever tried cake decorating?
What clubs are you a part of?
Do you read a lot for pleasure?
What was the last book you read about?
What genre of books do you read the most?
What was your favorite book that you had to read for school?
Do you like to read classics, or do you usually read new arrivals?
What was the lamest party you have ever been to?
Who do you know who was pregnant in high school?
Were you a big partier in high school?
Were you a big partier in college?
How old were you the first time you got drunk, if applicable?
Is your college one you would recommend?
Did you go to the high school dances?
Did you participate in Homecoming Week?
Is there anything you miss about high school? If so, what?
Did you like high school overall?
What were the best years of your life?
Have you made any huge mistakes you'd like to undo?
Do you read the Bible regularly?
Do you have a relationship with God?
Do you regularly pray?
Who do you know who is hurting right now?
Do you ever pray with anyone out loud?
What color was your very first dance costume, if applicable?
Are you afraid of the dark?
Would you go camping in the woods alone?
Do you like camping?
What color highlights did you have in your hair in high school, if applies?
What current hairstyle do you love?
Do you still like 90's pop music?
Do you keep up with current trends?
What are your favorite electronic devices?
What are your summer fashion essentials?
What are you fall fashion essentials?
Would you prefer to be barefoot or wear shoes?
Do you wear holiday-themed socks?
Name a song, book, or movie title with your name in it.
What famous person shares your name?
Were you named after anyone?
Would you name your kids after anyone?
Do you never give up?
Would you offer to listen to someone who was suicidal?
Do you have any supernatural gifts?
Is there anything you're exceptionally good at?
Are there any good churches in your town?
What color cardigans do you own?
Are you more boho, goth, sporty, or girl? Or none of those?
Did you ever shop at Aero, Aerie, Abercrombie, or Hollister?
Do you own an Aeropostale hoodie?
What does your favorite hoodie look like?
Do you like jeggings?
What color lipstick looks best on you?
What color eyeliner is your favorite to use?
Do you like shopping?
Do you have your wedding all planned out on Pinterest?
Do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding?
Have you ever made any friends on this site, like, real friends?
Who's your favorite Peanuts character?
Have you ever broken out in hives all over your body?
Do you like Celtic music?
Do you listen to any foreign music? If so, what?
Are you into anime?
Do you like to eat foreign food?
If yes, what's your favorite ethnic cuisine?
Have you ever been on a cruise?
Would you ever consider starting a business?
Do you think you would be a good salesperson?
Do you collect plastic bags?
Do you use re-usable bags when you go to the store?
What day of the week is it?
Do you use a planner?
When was the last time you went for a hike in the woods?
Do you feel hot right now?
What do you do to cool down?
What's your favorite way to cool down?
Favorite summer trends?
Are you ready for fall yet?
Do you know what you're going to be for Halloween?
In what month is your birthday?
Do you have any enemies?
Do you ignore haters, or what do you do do?
Is your place cluttered?
Favorite baby names?