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Author: joybucket
Created: August 20, 2018
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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fall   random   worries  

Fall is on its way and these worries fight my day....

Created by joybucket and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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Do you know what you are going to be for Halloween this year? If so, what?
If not, what are some ideas you have? ^
Have you felt refreshed by God's presence today?
Do you believe that living for Christ is worth it?
How many bracelets do you wear on a normal day?
What color wristwatch do you wear?
Do you have to use a sunlamp to feel happy when it's a dreary day?
What's your favorite website?
Do you have any deep regrets or sorrows in your life?
What does your heart long for?
Do you know what your'e called to?
What color was your first phone?
What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Do you prefer Dollar Tree or Dollar General?
Is your doctor nice to you?
What do you have trouble not worrying about, or what do u worry about most?
Who has ruined your life the most, besides you, if anyone?
Who do you hate the most?
What is a restaurant that you've been meaning to check out?
What's your favorite spot in your town, outdoors?
Do you like smoothies?
Do you have a major disability or health problem right now?
Who hurt your feelings last?
Do you get filled with the Holy Spirit?
Which singer on America's Got Talent gave you most chills?
Would you ever audition for a major talent show?
What competitions do you think you could win, if you entered?
Do you decorate for holidays?
Who are some of your favorite youtubers?
What is your newest hobby that you've started?
Do you need a new hobby?
Are you good at staying organized?
Do you like Lisa Frank?
List five things you would like to be known for.
When was the last time someone gave you a make-over?
Do you have a lot of jewelry?
Do you like the color pink?
Do you wear a variety of styles?
What clothing style do you wear the most?
What stereotype do you fit the most?
What color cardigans do you own?
Do you wear a lot of skinny jeans or jeggings?
What color was your first pair of jeggings?
Do you find skinny jeans uncomfortable?
Hot Topic or Claire's?
Forever 21 or Macy's?
rue21 or Justice?
Do you still shop at Justice?
Target or Walmart?
Do they have Fred Meyer and Ross where you live?
Is there a Kmart in your town?
What is the best coffee shop in your city?
Do you have any desire to move from your current city?
If yes, where are your considering moving?
What is a DIY Halloween costume you would like to make?
Do you watch youtube videos a lot?
What was your favorite class in high school?
Does anyone appreciate you?
Do you feel angry and bitter a lot?
What is this month's calendar picture?
Do you use a planner?
Do you own a shirt with an elephant on it?
Have you ever bought anything from Wish, and if so, were you happy with it?
Would you ever buy a cheap wedding dress?
Do you own Lularoe leggings?
What type of pants do you wear the most?
Do you prefer to wear patterns or solid colors?
Do you like cheetah print?
What is your favorite *N Sync song, or what was?
Favorite Backstreet Boys song?
Favorite Britney Spears song?
Do you feel less sheltered as you were when you were a kid?
Do you have any scars from self-harm?
Where did you meet your first crush?
Do you like your natural hair color?
Favorite ride at the fair?
Would you like to be on the cover of a magazine?
What do you dream about being known for?
Did you want to be famous when you were a kid?
Have you ever won an essay contest?
Have you ever won an art contest?
Are you jealous of anyone right now?
Are you lonely?
List ten things that were popular when you were in high school.
Do you understand why people are so shitty? smh...
What color are your nails painted right now?
What is your favorite season?
What are you on medication for?
Have you ever had a good experience with a shrink, or only bad ones?
Have you ever had to use an epi pen?
Do you enjoy shopping?
Do you have allergies?
Do you feel you have a life?
What was your first boyfriend's name?
Have you ever dated someone just to try it out?
Has anyone in church ever treated you like a real jerk?
Do you trust anyone?
Who was the first person who betrayed you? Do you remember?
Which friends have hurt you the most?
Who do you know who has had cancer?
Favorite mystical creatures?
Who do you know who is colorblind?
Who do you know who is allergic to nuts?
Who do you know who has Down's Syndrome?
Who do you know who has autism?
What medical conditions do you have?
Are you happy with your life right now?
Who was your first roommate?
Do you miss your college days (if applicable)?
Have you ever lived in a dorm?
Did you used to want to be an actress?
Do you people tell you you're a good singer?
What's your favorite activity on a rainy day?
Do you feel loved and accepted for who you are?
Has anyone ever accused you of being gay?
Is there a lot of gossip in your town?
What color are your walls?
What color were your bedroom walls when you were in high school?
What year did you graduate high school?
Do a lot of people hate you?
Biggest bully in your high school?
Do people in your life encourage you to go after your dreams?
What are your dreams? What are you passionate about?
Do you have any support?
Financially, who owes you the most money?
Who owes you the most love?
Are you happy with your spiritual life?
Are you happy with your current physical health?
Are you happy with your social life?
Are you happy with your vocational life?
Are you happy with your life in general?
Where is somewhere you have always wanted to travel to?
Would your rather move backward or forward?
Which historical era sounds the most appealing to you?
Were you ever afraid that your house was haunted?
Who was your first imaginary friend?
Are you fake on facebook?
When was the last time you wrote a story?
Who do you know who has your back?
What time is it right now?
Favorite holiday to decorate for?
Do you own a succulent?
Favorite painted rock you've found?
Favorite flower?
Favorite lipstick color?
Do you ever worry about running out of something and not having enough...
...money for more?
Do you ever worry about running out of your favorite make-up and not...
...being able to find the same kind?
Favorite fast food restaurant?
Do you wear a lot of tank tops?
The color of your bike?
Dogs or cats?
Do you like thunderstorms?
Old Taylor Swift or new Taylor Swift?