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About This Survey

Author: supremequeenstyles
Created: August 16, 2018
Taken: 0 times
Rated: PG

A Survey for Harry Styles Fans

Created by supremequeenstyles and taken 0 times on Bzoink
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What year did you become a fan?
Did you like 1D, or just listen to his solo music?
If you got into his solo work first, do you ever listen to 1D?
Do you think it's cool that so many older people are into him these days?
How old are you, anyway?
Do you find him attractive?
If so, what do you think is the sexiest thing about him?
Have you ever read/written fanfic about him?
What is your favorite suit he's worn so far?
Favorite hairdo of his? (By year, for example, 2010, 2013, 2015...)
Which lyric he has written do you like the most?
Which song on his debut solo album was/is your favorite?
Which 1D song was/is your favorite?
Is he your favorite member of 1D?
Have you seen him in concert? (Either solo or 1D.)
If so, please elaborate, I wish to live vicariously through you.
Did you see "Dunkirk"?
If so, which of his co-stars did you like best?
Larry or Narry? Or a different pairing with Harry, if any?
Have you ever bought an article of clothing that reminded you of him?
Any posters of him on your walls?
What other groups and artists do you like listening to?
Are you one of those lucky bastards who's met Harry?
Do you approve of his support for LGBTQ+ equality?
What about his support for gun control and the Black Lives Matter movement?
How do you feel about the crotch-grabbing incident at We Can Survive?
(He was kneeling and a girl reached onstage and grabbed his crotch.
Which 1D album do you think was the strongest?
Have you ever watched his old X Factor audition video? Thoughts?
Do you blame him for 1D not being back together yet? Why/why not?
Have you ever visited HSDgallery.net? I highly recommend it for Harry pics.
If you got to meet him, would you be too shy to ask for a hug?
He doesn't seem to mind giving hugs. :)
Harry loves Fleetwood Mac -- do you ever listen to them?
Do you have the copy of Another Man he was interviewed/photographed for?
I do!! ^_^ Had to wait for ages for one, but I got one, lol.
Were you able to watch his TV special, Harry Styles at the BBC?
Did you watch his documentary, Behind the Album?
Don't you wish he could do a concert movie for theatre/DVD?
Fashions you'd like to see him try sometime?
His new obsession with wearing bellbottoms -- yay or nay?
Suit with open shirt or cravat?
Do you like his tattoos?
Did you watch his solo TV debut on SNL? (Youtube counts, lol)
The skit where he played Mick Jagger -- cute or cringey?
Have you watched his Carpool Karaoke?
If yes, what was the best part, in your opinion?
Do your friends like him?
I think he should release a studio version of "Medicine." Do you agree?
Did you like his cover of "Girl Crush" by Little Big Town?
Favorite song he has covered?
Ariana's version of "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart" or Harry's?
Favorite song Harry has written for another artist?
Did you like the song he wrote for "Love, Simon"? (Performed by Bleachers)
Have you purchased any official merch? Unofficial/fanmade merch?
Things you'd like to see him do with his career in the future?
Do you want to watch "Happy Together," which Harry is executive producing?
(It's based on the year he lived in Ben Winston's attic.)
Does his voice ever give you goosebumps?
And lastly, how has he affected your life/influenced you?