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Author: joybucket
Created: August 15, 2018
Taken: 10 times
Rated: G

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County Fair Survey!

Created by joybucket and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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Do you go to the fair every year?
Is your county's fair in your city?
What is your favorite ride at the fair?
Do you get motion sickness?
What is one ride that you refuse to ride, if any?
Do you like big roller coasters?
Have you ever entered craft projects in the fair?
Were you ever in 4H?
What is your favorite part of the fair?
What time of year does the fair come to your county? What month?
What is your favorite food to buy at the fair?
What is a part of the fair that you don't like?
Have you ever won any ribbons at the fair?
Do you watch the Demolition Derby?
Does your fair put off fireworks?
Have you ever ridden The Zipper?
Do you prefer the ferris wheel or merry-go-round?
Is your county's fair big or small?
Have you ever won a Best of Show ribbon?
Do you like the fair?
Have you ever camped out at the fair?
Have you ever entered the Fair King and Queen Contest?
Do you like cotton candy?
Do you like elephant ears?
What's your favorite kind of ice cream to get at the fair?
What do you usually order to drink at the fair?
What's your favorite candy they give out?
Do you usually spend a lot of money at the fair?
Do you play the fair games?
Have you ever on an inflatable?
Do you think the fair games are rigged?
Have you ever won a stuffed animal?
What's your favorite fair game?
Which is better: theme park or the fair?
Do you like Cedar Point?
What's your favorite ride at Cedar Point?
Have you ever won a stuffed animal at Cedar Point?
Cotton candy or ice cream?
Snow cone or caramel apple?
Elephant ear or funnel cake?
Inflatable or stuffed animal?
Tootsie Roll or Smarties?
Starburst or Snickers?
Skittles or M&M's?
Slushee or lemonade?
Did you go to the fair as a kid?
Have you ever performed on stage at the fair?
Have you ever been to a church service at the fair?
Have you ever gotten into the fair for free?
What's your favorite deep fried food at the fair?
Do you like the bumper cars?
Would you ever buy a purse from the fair?
Do you like to look at the animals?
Do you live on a farm?
Have you ever been to a Grandstand Event?
Do you live near the fairgrounds?
What other events have you been to at your county's fairgrounds?
Cows or horses?
Bunnies or chickens?
What's your favorite animal other than a dog or a cat?
Corn dog or hot dog on a bun?
Cheese fries or chili dog?
Corn on the cob or pizza?