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Author: joybucket
Created: August 13, 2018
Taken: 9 times
Rated: G

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What's on your fall bucket list for this year?

Created by joybucket and taken 9 times on Bzoink
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carving a pumpkin
wearing scarves
playing in the leaves
throwing leaves into the air
drinking apple cider
going to a cider mill
celebrating your birthday
eating caramel apples
drinking something pumpkin spice-flavored
giving thanks
eating with family
eating turkey and stuffing
wearing fall colors
wearing an oversized sweater
decorating for Halloween
running a race
giving out candy
dressing up in costume
costume shopping
making the perfect DIY costume
eating candy corn
going on a retreat
going camping
having a bonfire
roasting marshmallows
reading outside
running in the leaves
going for walks
eating pumpkin pie
eating apple pie
collecting leaves
bike riding
making a scarecrow
going to a fall festival
turning the lights out on Halloween so no one knows you're home
watching horror movies
going to a football game
dressing up for Homecoming Week
going to a Homecoming Dance
trying on homecoming dresses
asking someone to a dance
wearing a new sweater
wearing new boots
drinking apple cider with cinnamon
drinking caramel apple cider
shopping for fall clothes
wearing hoodies
wearing sweatshirts
wearing leopard print
wearing plaid flannel shirts
wearing jeggings or skinny jeans
training for a 5k or 10k
making epic youtube videos
writing in a diary regularly
writing a story or novel
reading a book
getting in shape
lighting a fall-scented candle
making wishes on the harvest moon
wearing orange and black
wearing skeleton earrings
wearing a costume on Halloween
having a Halloween party
eating Halloween candy
walking around town to look at decorations
browsing decorations at the store
buying your favorite drink at your favorite coffee shop
having a picnic
drawing in your sketchbook
painting a fall scene
going on vacation
getting married
celebrating your anniversary
celebrating a friend's or family member's birthday
going back to school
going back-to-school shopping
starting a new school
moving somewhere new
decorating your house for fall
wearing a witch hat
wearing striped tights
wearing pumpkin earrings
putting up pumpkin lights
taking pictures of the leaves
taking selfies outside
a fall photo shoot
going to church
eating corn
a corn maze
having a true best friend
wearing a new cardigan
starting college
living in a dorm
making a new friend
joining the marching band
watching the marching band play
wearing school colors
playing football
watching football on TV
watching the Macy's parade
growing your youtube channel
starting a new hobby
pulling an all-nighter
painting your nails a orange, red, or purple
dying your hair red
getting red highlights in your hair
having professional photos taken
having your senior pictures taken
having engagement pictures taken
getting engaged
going on a honeymoon
painting and hiding rocks around your town
trying Bible art journaling
visiting a cemetery at night
avoiding black cats and the number 13
reading about vampires
hosting a Halloween party
walking through a haunted house
watching a movie while eating popcorn
listening to spooky music on your ipod
writing a fall-themed story or novel
writing a fall-themed poem
knitting a scarf
night walks
morning walks
doing something new and epic and fun
making this your best fall yet
going after your dreams
spending time with God
spending time in nature
drinking a chai latte
going to the park
enjoying the wind
wearing fall earrings
wearing a fall necklace
wearing dark red or purple lipstick
wearing gold eyeshadow
wearing the colors that look best on you