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Author: emptyspaces
Created: July 23, 2018
Taken: 18 times
Rated: G

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No legacy is so rich as honesty

Created by emptyspaces and taken 18 times on Bzoink
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Does your personality generally fall in line with gender stereotypes?
Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
What are the other members of your household doing right now?
Would you rather be a schoolteacher or a locomotive engineer?
Do you know anyone who thinks that 30 is 'old?'
How often do you post something to social media?
Have you lost interest in any of your hobbies lately?
How many houses are on the street you live on?
What's your favorite movie soundtrack?
Are you pro-choice?
Have you been in a good mood today?
Did your parents teach you how to cook/bake when you were growing up?
If you could own any 3 fictional objects from any book/movie/show, what ...
would you choose? (does not have to all be from the same book/movie/show)
How far away do you live from the last place you lived?
What's the shortest amount of time you've worked somewhere?
When was the last time you vacuumed out your car?
How many people have you had crushes on in the last 3 years?
What was the last food you cooked that had garlic in it?
Have you ever negotiated a pay raise?
Do you know anyone who never wears their seatbelt in the car?
What are some foods you used to like, but no longer do?
Where was the last beach you visited?
List three things you are good at:
Do you have a waffle iron? If so, when was the last time you made waffles?
Have you ever been a victim of identity theft?
Do you know anyone who's had their kids taken by Child Protective Services?
So far, has today been a better or worse day than yesterday?
If you were given a scholarship that fully covers the cost of you ...
getting your PhD, what degree would you choose to get?
What's your favorite cocktail?
Do you keep an umbrella in your car?
~ The End ~ Thanks for taking :)