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Author: joybucket
Created: June 24, 2018
Taken: 27 times
Rated: G

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Social Media Survey

Created by joybucket and taken 27 times on Bzoink
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What is your favorite social media site?
Do you use...
another site with message boards?
Do you get on facebook every day?
How many fb friends do you have?
Have you ever been on a deleting spree?
Have you blocked a lot of haters?
Do you get bullied online a lot?
What's your favorite facebook app?
Are you a fan of selfies?
Has anyone ever called the police on you because they didn't like ur status
Are you in any facebook groups?
Are you the admin of any groups?
Do you report abuse to group admins whenever you see it?
What could make facebook better?
What year did you start using facebook?
What is your current profile picture of?
Did you like the old myspace better than facebook?
What are some of your favorite boards?
Have you ever done a craft you saw on pinterest?
Do you have a Dream Wedding board? If so, what's on it?
If you have a Dream House board, what does your dream house look like?
Do you wish they'd bring the "like" button back?
Do you have a Bucket List board?
Which do you like better: Just Girly Things or And That's Who I Am?
Do you have a board for tattoos you like? If so, what are some of ur faves?
Do you have a "Random" or "Miscellaneous" board?
Have you ever reached the maximum number of boards?
Do you have any secret boards?
Have you ever had a Pin deleted because of copyright laws?
Do you have a Color board?
Do you have an About Me board? If so, what's on it?
Do you have a youtube channel? If so, what is it?
What kind of things do you post on youtube?
What do you like to watch on youtube?
Are you subscribed to any channels?
Do you watch any vlogs? If so, what ones are your favorite?
If you have a channel, how many subscribers do you have?
Will you subscribe to my channel? (msg me if you want a link!)
Do you watch music videos?
Have you ever watched a TV show on youtube?
Have you ever worked out to exercise videos on youtube?
Have you watched Amanda Todd's famous video?
Have you ever looked up how to do something on youtube?
Do you get a lot of hate comments on youtube?
How long have you been a youtuber?
Do you post on instagram a lot?
Have you ever posted a poll on instagram?
If you don't have an iphone, do you wish you could use instagram?
Do you have any followers?
Do you like instagram filters?
Do you think twitter is stupid?
How often do you tweet?
Do you get on twitter every day?
Do you make a lot of surveys?
Do you take a lot of surveys?
Do you post in the message boards?
What types of surveys are your favorite?
Do you have friends on here?
Do you post all your secrets on here?
What type of survey do you think I should make next?
Do you read peoples' answers to your surveys?
Do you think you are good at making surveys?
Do you try to make unique surveys?
What type of surveys do you want to see more of?
This or That
Have You Ever
Are you like me?
About You
Personal, Deep Questions
Music shuffle
Would You Rather
Do you have this in your bedroom?
All About Your Crush
Your health
Your friends
Girl Confessions
Controversial topics
Did you have a myspace when you were in high school?
Do you use myspace now?
Do you miss bulletins?
Did you like customizing your profile with the old myspace?
Did you have music on your profile?
Did you learn HTML when you used myspace?
Did you have a customized cursor?
Did you use glitter graphics?
Do you remember posting glitter graphics on friends' pages?
Did you make "dolls"?
Did you use photo captions?
Did you have a photo slideshow on your profile?
Did you have a Xanga account back in the day?
Do you have a xanga account now?
Did you post photos and quotes on your xanga page?
Do you use snapchat?
What is your favorite filter?
Do you understand tumblr?
Do you use tumblr?
What forum sites did you use to love that aren't around anymore?
Are there any other great social media sites that you recommend?
Do you use a photo editing site? If so, what?
Do you ever use BeFunky.com?
Do you use a video editing site? If so, what?
Have you ever downloaded fonts?
Have you ever used photobucket to upload an image?
Do you use iTunes?
Do you listen to music on Pandora?