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Author: joybucket
Created: June 15, 2018
Taken: 31 times
Rated: G

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True or False..about you!

Created by joybucket and taken 31 times on Bzoink
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Sometimes I catch myself singing a Christmas song randomly, out of season.
I had a crush on someone when I was in elementary school.
Reading music is really hard for me, and I've always hated it.
I hate math.
I've questioned my sexuality.
I've had low self-esteem at some point in my life.
I eat too much ice cream or chocolate when I'm stressed.
I have a hard time not beating myself up about stupid decisions I've made.
I have a LOT of regrets.
I believe that life is REALLY unfair.
I think everyone is valuable despite how much money they make.
I believe that rest is redemptive and that resting isn't wasting time.
I remember pre-school.
I remember who the first person who bullied me was.
I like strawberry sauce on my ice cream better than chocolate.
I hate the color pink.
I went through a phase in which I hated the color pink.
I've dyed my hair pink.
I love the color pink.
I'm one of the most caring people you will ever meet.
I'm not selfish and often put others' needs before my own.
I make a ton of mistakes.
I wish I had a mother to talk to.
I feel alone.
I have scars from self-harm.
I have a birthmark in a private area.
I used to want to be a model/actress/singer/dancer.
Arby's is my favorite fast food restaurant.
I used to wish I had a roller coaster in my back yard.
I get carsick.
I know what I want to name my future children.
I don't really care if I have kids or not.
I would prefer going on a traditional "date" rather than "hooking up."
If I think a style is inappropriate, I won't wear it.
I've seen a church leader wear something I thought was inappropriate.
I don't have parents that I trust or that love and support me.
I eat ice cream as a stress reliever sometimes.
I like dreamcatchers.
I believe in the power of dreamcatchers.
I would volunteer at a summer camp if I could.
There a ton of ways in which I would love to volunteer, but others I...
..would hate.
I'm a soprano and can't sing alto.
I'm an alto and can't sing soprano.
I live in a historic small town.
I believe that it's ok to question your sexuality.
I believe that it's ok to question anything.
I watch vlogs regularly.
I watch TV regularly.
I have someone I hate and want to kill.
There's a certain color I never wear because I look terrible in it.
I don't know how to french braid.
I've never experienced sexual attraction.
I love Truth or Dare!
I like fruity candies the best.
I don't like chocolate ice cream.
Sushi is delicious!
I love camping and would totally take my kids camping if I had them.
I like sangria.
I've never drank alcohol.
Sangria is my favorite alcoholic beverage.
I have a rare condition.
Inequality really bothers me.
I'm disorganized.
My life is in such disarray right now.
I'm really broken.
I used to be more spiritual than I am now, and I want to be more spiritual.
I want to be more of a free spirit and live in the moment more.
Babies are cute!
I like some animals but not others. Some are scary and gross me out!
I hated school up until college.
I miss living in community; it was the best.
I wish I had a best friend.
I wish I were dating someone right now.
I know who I want to marry.
I have my dream wedding planned out in my head.
I like chocolate cake with chocolate frosting best.
I'd rather drink tea than coffee.
I'm a Christina Grimmie fan.
I sometimes sleep with make-up on, although I know I shouldn't!
I like Paramore.