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Author: joybucket
Created: May 10, 2018
Taken: 33 times
Rated: G

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What have you done so far this year?

Created by joybucket and taken 33 times on Bzoink
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What is today's date?
What have you done so far this year?
gone on a date
lived your dream
gotten mad at someone
wrote a letter
wrote in a diary
been to church
cried in front of someone
gained weight
lost weight
been sick
been to the doctor
gone after your dreams
called the police
been to the emergency room
had to use an epi pen
had a virus
almost committed suicide
felt stressed
kept a secret from someone
accomplished something on your bucket list
had an amazing adventure
fallen in love
got sunburned
got tan
made the fire alarm go off
gotten mad at a doctor
had a problem with your insurance company
read a book that wasn't good
read a really good book
eat ice cream when stressed
had a loud, obnoxious neighbor
wished you were a kid again
cried because your feelings were hurt
had to stand up to someone
been in a car accident
totaled a car
painted something
worked on writing a novel
wrote a poem
taken pictures of flowers
taken a selfie
gone shopping
bought groceries
cleaned your house/apartment/room
got a new pet
had a baby
got married
got engaged
got a new job
lost a job
quit a job
thought about how life isn't fair
wished you had more money
got drunk
got high
had a birthday
made a scrapbook page
re-decorated your room
re-arranged your bedroom furniture
got a new car
won something
purchased something online
been sexually harassed
played Truth or Dare
had a crush
wished you could be friends with a certain someone
worn a dress
stayed in your pajamas all day
passed out
done laundry
walked a dog
told someone a secret
been disrespected
felt all alone in the world
cried your eyes out
made a to-do list and didn't do anything on it
made a to-do list and actually accomplished the things on it
dyed your hair
got a new outfit
had a friend over
danced around your room
cut your hair
thought about how facebook could be renamed "fakebook"
blocked someone
made a survey
posted in the forums
had a job interview
been to school
missed your old life
missed someone
hemmed a pair of pants
taken a bath