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Author: joybucket
Created: May 4, 2018
Taken: 23 times
Rated: G

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Have you ever...(all things that I've done or have happened to me)

Created by joybucket and taken 23 times on Bzoink
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been bullied
been abused
been harassed
been assaulted
been a victim of a crime
had the police barge in your house and yell at you for no reason
been questioned by the police
been abused by the police
been abused by a pastor
been abused by your parents
been disowned by your parents
been kicked out of your house
been threatened/felt threatened
felt threatened for your life
been in a car accident
been abused by a sibling
been abused by a former friend
had a friend turn on you
had four different friends turn on you
been excluded from a group
cried yourself to sleep
been abused by your crush
been abused by a youth leader
had someone try to bully you to suicide
been bullied by teachers
been bullied online
been bullied at school
been bullied at church
been bullied at exercise class
been treated rudely by a manager
been treated rudely by a doctor
been accused of being a drug addict
been accused of being gay
questioned your sexuality
questioned God's existence
questioned God's goodness
given your life to Christ
had a severe allergic reaction
been called a liar
had an obnoxious neighbor
been treated rudely by your landlord
had something stolen from you
had an asthma attack
been hospitalized
been so embarrassed you wanted to disappear
felt awkward
had your parents lie to the doctor about you
been wrongly diagnosed
had a parent try to ruin your reputation
let people walk on you
been bullied at work
contemplated suicide
been depressed
had social anxiety
been socially awkward
fell down the stairs
had surgery
found you had a rare condition
felt you were living in a nightmare
been in love with someone you only watched from afar
gained weight from a medication
had a lousy roommate
been fed up with know-it-alls
read the entire Bible
been to Disney World
been on the Disney Cruise
won an essay contest
won an art scholarship
made a huge mistake that you wish you could take back
had a 105 degree fever
felt lonely
broken a toe
felt all alone in the world
felt all alone in a world full of people out to destroy you
contemplated getting a hysterectomy
dreamed of what you would name your kids
dreamed of your wedding day
fallen asleep in class
cheated on a test
danced in church
danced in the rain
ran in the rain
slept under the stars
invented a new smoothie flavor
worn purple lipstick
gotten a perm
straightened your hair
gotten red highlights
had braces
reached your breaking point
lived past your limits of endurance
been cussed out
had a near-death experience
had a crush that you've never told anyone about
skipped class because you didn't have your homework done
stayed up all night
been to college
moved across the country
been homesick
been to camp
seen an eclipse
got caught in a thunderstorm
seen a rainbow out your window
counted ceiling tiles because you were bored
ridden a horse
got a puppy
wanted a dog that looked like you
visited a castle
wished you had money to travel more
wished you were rich
dreamed about how you wish your life would be
dreamed about what you would do if you were wish
been jealous of someone
wished you could be popular
wanted a pink or teal car
stayed out in the sun too long
ate too many brownies
found out you were allergic to something
outgrown an allergy
cut the tags out of shirts because they irritated your skin
been called a free spirit
been called a trendsetter