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Author: joybucket
Created: April 24, 2018
Taken: 53 times
Rated: G

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You hold the whole world in your hands///

Created by joybucket and taken 53 times on Bzoink
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What body parts do you want to punch?
Do you own a dreamcatcher?
If you own a dreamcatcher, do you believe it has power?
Do you have faith in God?
What hurts on your body right now?
Do you feel better after you pray usually?
What type of tree is by your window?
Do you like someone who isn't interested in you?
Do you tend to fall for jerks?
Besides the US, what is your favorite country?
If applicable, what are your favorite things to do in Chicago?
If applicable, what are your favorite things to do in New York City?
What color is the sweatshirt you wear the most?
Have you ever considered starting a vlog?
Is there a person in your life that you wish you were best friends with?
Do you love your enemies?
If you're a Christian, which biblical command do you struggle with the most
What color are your bedroom walls?
What name do you have picked out for your first child?
Is your middle name common?
What's you favorite ingredient to add to a bowl of rice?
Do you like sushi?
What is a vlog you recommend, and why?
Do you ever go through mood swings?
If you had kids, would take them to Disney World?
Do you want to have kids?
What would you ask for if you had a fairy godmother?
What's the last online store you shopped at?
Have you ever taken an anti-depressent and if so, did it make you feel...
...better or worse?
What is a facebook group you recommend joining?
Who is your favorite author?
Do you look like your mom?
How often do you eat dessert?
What color is the last T-shirt you wore?
Do you wear t-shirts a lot?
What is your favorite color?
Have you ever hallucinated?
Have you ever had a seizure?
Which drugs/medications have given you horrible withdrawal symptoms?
Is there any medication that you would NOT recommend? If so, what, and why?
What is your favorite drug/medication, and why?
Do you have a rare condition?
What makes you nauseous?
Favorite time of day?
Do you like the name Jedidiah?
Does your neighbor play loud, annoying music like mine does?
What is the closest coffee shop to you?
Do you have a lava lamp in your room?
What would you name twins?
Do you own a bobblehead?
Do you meditate?