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Author: joybucket
Created: April 13, 2018
Taken: 41 times
Rated: G

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Do you remember

Created by joybucket and taken 41 times on Bzoink
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Do you wish youtube had been around when you were a kid?
What's your favorite pain reliever?
What color was your nursery?
Do you remember preschool?
What color was your hair when you were a toddler?
Do you know anyone with twin toddlers?
Did your mom have a typewriter when you were a kid?
What color was the house that you grew up in?
What was the name of the first pet that you loved?
What was your favorite cartoon when you were young?
Were you ever afraid of roller coasters?
Were you a cautious child or a risk-taker?
Did you have a Beanie Baby collection?
Did you have an imaginary friend?
What was the name of your first imaginary friend?
Which do you like better: jeggings or bellbottoms?
Do you own any belts?
Have you ever fallen asleep during class?
Do you do the grocery shopping yourself?
What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Do you ever cook?
Have you ever cooked a meal for your family?
Do you want to have kids?
Do you want to have family gatherings at your house someday?
Would you rather sleep under the stars, in a tent, or in a cabin?
Do you like camping at all?
What is the weakest part of your body?
What color is your watch, if you wear one?
Do you have any jewelry that you wear every day? If so, what?
What is your favorite type of underwear to wear?
What brand of underwear do you normally wear?
Do you have trouble finding bras in your size?
Do you have abnormally shaped feet?
What color was your locker in high school?
What color(s) was your backpack in high school?
Do you ride a bicycle often?
Do you like foreign food?
What is your favorite foreign cuisine (Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc.)?
Do you like spicy food?
What health conditions do you have?
Have you ever had acne?
If you're female, have you ever been on birth control for cramps?
What is your favorite thing about the dentist?
Have you ever collected seashells at the beach?
Do you collect rocks?
Do you have a pen pal?
Do you write in cursive or print more often?
Do you fit in? Or do you stand out?
Do you ever feel overlooked?
What was the name of your childhood bully?
Do you own any pink pants?
Did you ever taken dance lessons?
If you took dance lessons, what was your favorite style of dance?
Do you own any tutus?
Have you ever worn a tutu?
Have you ever worn a tuxedo?
Have you ever named a doll after yourself?
Do you own any porcelain dolls?
What was your favorite vacation that you went on as a child?
Are you named after anyone?
What would you name a daughter?
What would you name a son?
Do you enjoy typing?
Have you ever had braces?
What's a word that rhymes with your middle name?
Do you fall asleep on long car rides?
Have you ever gone on a cross-country train ride?
What foreign country would you like to visit most?
What's your favorite big city?
What's your favorite country song?
What's your favorite Celtic song?
What's your favorite rock song?
Who was your favorite celebrity as a child?
Did you ever watch Nick Jr. with Face?
Have you ever spray-painted a bulletin board?
Have you ever started a trend?
What is your favorite photo editing site? (or what do you use?)
Have you ever considered starting a vlog?
Do you own a piggy bank?
Target or Walmart?
Muffins or cupcakes?
Do you like cotton candy?
Is there a Biggby in your town?
Biggby or Starbucks?
Have you ever shopped at Fred Meyer?
What state or country were you born in?
What state or country did you grow up in?
Do you still live in the town you grew up in?
Do you love your hometown, or do you want to move?
Have you ever moved across the country?
Have you ever gone on vacation by yourself?
Do you have a travel fund?
Do you enjoy babysitting?
Do you have a good doctor?
What is your favorite type of donut?
Do you have any food restrictions?
Name someone you know who's severely allergic to nuts.
Name someone you know who's autistic.
Name someone you know who has Down's syndrome.
Name someone you know who is dyslexic.
Name someone you know who has ADHD or ADD.
Name someone you know who is colorblind.
Have you ever been in a car accident?
How many times did you take your driver's test?
What color hair did your first crush have?
What color was the boombox you had as a kid?
What color carpet did you have in your childhood bedroom?
Did you ever redo your room as a teenager?
Did you enjoy being a teenager?
Were you miserable in middle school?
What was your favorite subject in high school?
Would you change your name if you were famous?
Did you ever want to be famous?
Are you happy? Are you living the life of your dreams?
Mansion or cottage?
Do you own anything with fringe?
Where were you voted in the senior class polls?
Did you win any scholarships?
Did you love college?
What are your hopes and dreams for the future?