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Author: joybucket
Created: March 29, 2018
Taken: 35 times
Rated: G

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Created by joybucket and taken 35 times on Bzoink
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What was the name of the last 5k you ran?
What restaurant has the best smoothies?
Do you wish you could eat out more?
Do you have a friend with the same name as you?
Do you use a lot of paper towels?
Elephants or llamas?
Do you know what you want to name your kids?
If you had three daughters, what would you name them?
Would you be disappointed if you never got married and had kids?
What was the last article you read that touched you?
Do you support any charities?
Would you ever adopt a child?
What color socks are you wearing?
Paris or Tokyo?
Do you like your name's meaning?
What is your name's meaning?
Do you and your mom look like sisters?
Are you the same height as your mom?
Do you own a feather boa?
Do you own a dreamcatcher?
Do you think Spencer can be a girl's name?
Do you know anyone named Travis?
What was the name of your first crush?
Did you ever question your sexuality?
How old were you when you had your first crush?
Have you reached the maximum number of boards on Pinterest?
Do you have you dream wedding all planned out?
Did your parents abuse you?
Do you think that people who were abused are less valuable than others?
Do you like stickers?
What color was the last pair of pants that you bought?
Do you love mornings?
Do your initials spell anything? If so, what?