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Author: joybucket
Created: February 27, 2018
Taken: 27 times
Rated: G

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My God give you eyes to see He's still greater/Courage to rise and believe He's able.

Created by joybucket and taken 27 times on Bzoink
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Has anyone ever told you that you were really pretty?
Do you relate to main characters in novels often?
Do you listen to a wide variety of music?
Does nature feel magical to you?
What holiday are you looking forward to next?
Do you take a lot of pictures?
Did you ever go through a phase when you didn't want to take medicine?
Do you love popsicles?
Do you have to hem up a lot of your pants?
Do you shop at Goodwill?
What's your natural hair color?
Do you like your smile?
Was the last book you read good?
Do you make grocery lists?
Do you take walks often?
Does sunlight make you feel happier?
Do you make wishes on the moon?
What are you most looking forward to this spring?
Are you fulfilling your passion in life?
Do you daydream a lot?
What are your dreams?
Do you take medications?
When was the last time you went to the doctor?
What helps you fall asleep?
Do you love sushi?
What's your favorite type of seafood?
Do you have stomach problems?
Do you enjoy editing photos?
What was the last photo filter you used?
Do you live a simple life?
Do you own a pair of pajamas with foxes on them?
Peace signs or hearts?
What kind of pie is your favorite?
Do you think you could go a whole year without eating dessert?