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Author: hhannizpanniz
Created: February 20, 2018
Taken: 8 times
Rated: PG

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Gaming Survey (Kinda)

Created by hhannizpanniz and taken 8 times on Bzoink
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This survey is mostly for people with a PC. Might be bad grammar too.
What is your favorite video game?
Who is your favorite video game character?
Do you own any Pop Figures from any games? Who?
Do you have any posters from any games?
What is your desktop wallpaper?
What device do you play on / own?
Which games are nostalgic to you?
What is your most played game?
Which game did you spend the most money on?
Do you have a Steam account?
What's your favorite horror game?
Do you play any games on your phone?
What's the latest game you bought?
Do you have stable ping and fps?
What's your favorite role in games?
Do you play World of Warcraft?
Which game would you like to get now?
A game you want to play for the first time agian?
A game you wish you didnt bought?
Do you think females and males are equally good at games?
Do you use your microphone?
What's your gaming name?
Who is your favorite gamer?
Did a game ever made you cry?
Do you rage?
Do you use Discord, Teamspeak or something else?
Have you met many friends online?
PvP, PvE or SP?
Does your best friend also like gaming?
Do you have a webcam?
What brand(s) is your setup?
Do you listen to music while gaming?
Who is your favorite streamer?
Do you ignore haters or hate them back?
Do you record while gaming?
Do you have a good chair?
How many hours / days do you play?
What's the biggest game right now?
Do you look forward to any games?
Do you think they'll release Half Life 3?
Do you read / watch guides if you're stuck?
What time do you prefer to play?
What's the most positive thing about gaming?
What's your favorite website?
What game disappointed you the most?
What's the weirdest game you ever played?
What's your favorite type of game?
Do you like D.Va?
Do you think gaming is overrated?
Do you typ a lot?
Who is your favorite game developer(s)?
Do you like memes?
Do you play to win or just for fun?
Which games did someone gift you?
Which games did you gift someone?
How many games are you playing nowadays?
Is my grammar really bad?