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Author: joybucket
Created: February 18, 2018
Taken: 7 times
Rated: G

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The best IS yet to come!

Created by joybucket and taken 7 times on Bzoink
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What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
What is the closest thing to Heaven you have ever experienced?
What is the stupidest decision you have ever made?
^...and did you forgive yourself for that?
Do you love yourself?
Are you unashamed?
Who makes you feel free?
What makes you come alive?
Do you wear your favorite outfits often?
Do you often eat your favorite foods and drink your favorite drinks?
What gives you hope?
What brings you joy?
What's something you have never done that you would like to do?
Do you feel encouraged and find joy in God's presence?
What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard?
Are you sensitive?
Do you make lists of wishes and things you want to accomplish?
^If yes, do you believe you will accomplish them?
What is your favorite website to pass time on?
What quote encourages you the most?
What type of songs have you been listening to recently?
Do you like seafood?
Do you like the name Bianca?
Would you ever want to visit a third-world country?
Have you ever been so down that you contemplated ending your life?
Do you like going to the doctor?
Who is your best friend?
And if you don't have one, whom do you want to be your best friend?
Do you have a book you love and have read multiple times?
If so, what is it?
Do you have a favorite book series? If so, what?
Do you watch TV often?
Do you watch a lot of movies?
Does your body take a long time to fight sickness?
Do you get horrific cramps?
What is the most disgusting thing you have ever tasted?
Have you ever been so embarrassed you wanted to disappear?
Do you dance in the rain?
Do you keep a sketchbook?
Do you write in a diary regularly?
Do you take a lot of pictures?
Would you ever want to be a photographer?
Have you ever ran a timed race?
Do you scrapbook?
Do you paint?
What are your dreams?
Do you have anybody helping you accomplish them?
Would you like to live in a house of your own someday?
Big mansion or small cottage?
Would you rather have an indoor or outdoor wedding?
Do you feel alive currently?
What are you passionate about?
Do you have your own website?
Have you ever had a newspaper article written about you?
Do you want to be famous?
Do you like the way you look?
Can you cook?
Do you have any food restrictions?
Do you have any current health problems?
Do you have to go to the doctor's regularly?
Do you bounce back after setbacks?
Does your heart hurt currently?
Who was the last person to hurt your feelings?
When was the last time you were filled with the joy of the Lord?
Do you attend church?
If so, how often?
Have you ever had anything really bad happen to you?
Is there anything very unique about you?
Would you rather be unique or ordinary?
Is your life hard?
Would you rather be unique and have little to no friends or be ordinary...
...and be popular?
Do you think life is unfair?
Do you know Jesus personally?
Is he your best friend?
Have you accepted Him as your Lord and Savior?
Do you like animals?
Do you like pizza?
When was the last time you went to a carnival?
Do you enter talent shows?
Have you ever won an art contest?
An essay contest?
Some other sort of talent contest?
Do people tell you you're gifted?
Do you know what your gifts and talents are, and do you use them often?
What are your top five places you would like to travel?
What's your favorite worship song?
Do you like the month of February?
Isn't God good!?
Are you happy that spring is coming?
What's your favorite season?
What do you do when you can't get to sleep?
How late do you usually stay up?
Are you a free spirit?
Do you enjoy life?
How are you today?
I hope you enjoyed this survey! God is good and love is real! Good things
are coming! If you are struggling, be encouraged--good things are right
around the corner! :)