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Author: joybucket
Created: February 15, 2018
Taken: 36 times
Rated: G

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Recovering and getting through today

Created by joybucket and taken 36 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever had a severe allergic reaction to something? If so, what ?
Do you carry an epi pen?
Have you ever had an asthma attack?
Do you have a friend that you can trust?
If not, is that what you crave more than anything?
Are you single and wishing you weren't?
Do you beat yourself up sometimes?
What year would you go back to if given the chance?
Do you ever miss your childhood?
Has life been good to you, or has it been hard?
Do you have things you wish you could do over?
Do you wish life came with an eraser for your mistakes?
What is the most physically painful thing you have ever experienced?
Have you ever been to the emergency room?
Is it scary to you how many mean people there are in the world?
Have you ever felt threatened for your life?
Do you feel loved by anyone, or do you feel alone?
Do you wish you had someone you could talk to, like a parent?
Do you sometimes worry that you'll run out of cash?
Do you worry about your health sometimes?
Do you wish there were someone out there who cared for you and that you...
..weren't all alone in the world?
How long has it been since you felt cared for?
Can you remember the last time you received a hug? Do you ever get hugs?
When was the last time a friend betrayed you?
Is your mother reliable?
Does your father abuse you?
Do you feel safe around your family?
Have you ever been in a hospital and not felt safe?
Do you feel safe in your country?
Have you ever had a near-death experience?
What's the highest fever you've ever had?
Have you ever had a toxic reaction to something?
Have you ever been hospitalized for a day or more?
Have you ever had surgery?
Have you ever had an inflamed esophagus?
Do you have hormone problems?
Who do you wish was there for you?
Do you have a church family you can call for support, or no?
Did you really blow it in your past?
Do you wish you could have a fresh start in your life?
Are you ok?
What are you struggling with today?
When was the last time you wrote in a journal?
Do you like to do crossword puzzles?
Are you lonely?
When was the last time you weren't lonely? Can you remember?
Are you mad at someone right now?
Do you watch TV? If not, do you wish you had a TV?
Do you wish you had a significant other?
What is your favorite place that you've lived?
Do you miss being a kid?
Do you wish your mother loved you?
Do you hate being all alone?
What do you do to make the world a better place?
Do you make the most of every day?
Do you learn from your mistakes and move on, or do you make the same ones..
..over and over again?
Do you have spring allergies?
Do you have fall allergies?
What makes you come alive?
Would you be a better person if you had someone to talk to?
Do you feel all alone in the world?
What color shirt are you wearing?
What color are your nails painted currently?
Do you like your room?
Do you ever worry about not having enough?
Why are people so mean, do you think?
Have you ever been rebellious?
Do you eat late at night?
Are you doing this because you're bored?
Has today been a good day?
When was the last time you had a good cry?
Do you miss someone right now?
Who do you miss?
What month do you wish you could just skip over?