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Author: joybucket
Created: January 28, 2018
Taken: 9 times
Rated: G

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Created by joybucket and taken 9 times on Bzoink
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Where would you like to travel to?
What friends do you wish you hadn't let slip away?
What would you differently if you could go back ten years?
What are the biggest mistakes you've ever made?
Do you forgive yourself?
Are you happy with yourself?
Do you love yourself?
Do you love your life?
What new clothes are you excited to wear?
Where do you wish you could shop?
Where do you like to shop?
What are your favorite mall stores?
Who brings you the most joy when you're around them?
What are you most passionate about?
Who do you love?
What do you love doing?
What do you want your dream house to look like?
What are some features that your dream house would have?
Do you dream of your wedding day?
Do you daydream about your future a lot?
What regrets do you have that make you sad?
Do you have peace about your past?
Are you a warrior or a worrier?
Do you struggle with forgiveness?
Do you have anyone you need to forgive?
Do you have any tattoos? If not, do you want any?
Do you wish that people honored and valued you?
Do you feel that you get treated with the respect that you deserve?
Do you feel that you get treated with more respect than you deserve,...
...or less?
Do you feel that the millennial stereotype fits you at all?
What do you value most in your life?
Are you a coward, or a warrior?
Are you a free spirit?
Are you ok?
Do you have big dreams? Do you do whatever it takes to achieve them?
Are you happy?
Do people who have accomplished their dreams inspire you?
Are you jealous of anyone?
What's a revelation that you've had recently?
Are you spiritual?
Are you a daydreamer?
Are you bitter about something? If so, what?
Who do you have a crush on?
Name 5 crushes you have had in your life.
What qualities do you admire most in a person?
What qualities do you find the most attractive in a person?
Do you live by faith?
Are you bold?
Do you have courage?
Are you shy?
What is stopping you?
Are you ok?
If you could choose between having someone you could trust and having one..
...million dollars, which one would you choose?
Can you trust anyone?
Who broke your heart?
What's your favorite Bible verse?
Do you have a mentor? If not, do you want one?
Do you have a mother you can talk to? (a loving one, I mean)
Who do you share your heart with?
When was the last time you were able to share your heart with someone?
Has your life been mostly lucky or unlucky?
Are you blessed?
Do you get persecuted?
Are you wounded?
Do you have anyone who cares about you?
Do you feel alone?
Do you wish someone would care about you?
What is something that hurt you?
Do you wish you could tell a friend how you feel?
What are your dreams?
Do you like exotic names or common names?
Are you ordinary?
Do you like your name?
What do you wish you could say to someone?
Are you heterosexual?
Are you female?
Do you have anyone (besides God) who loves you?
Do you pray regularly?
Do you read your Bible?
Do you go to church?
Do you cry your eyes out a lot?
Can you relate to Paramore's song "Ain't it Fun"?
Who do you feel could be your celebrity best friend?
Are you happy with the way you look?
Are you happy with your current living situation?
Are you happy with your current work or school situation?
What did you major in in college?
Are you healthy?
Are you happy with your current health situation?
Do you have friends who care and love and support you?
Do you have anyone you can count on?
Do you wish you weren't alone?
Who do you know who isn't fake or hurting?
Who do you know who is caring?
Are you questioning whether someone is trustworthy or not?
Does your past haunt you?
If you could go back in time and change things, would you take more risks?
What do you not have that you want?
Do you covet what your neighbor has?
Do you forgive yourself when you mess up?
Do you forgive others when they mess up?
How's your heart lately?
Do you love yourself even when no one else does?
Do you have a lot of haters?
How do you love yourself?
How many hours of sleep do you need?
Do you care about those who disrespect you?
Do you stand up for yourself when needed?
What do you need more of right now in your life?
Are you happy?
Do you live your life for other people, or do you do what's right for you?
How often do you exercise?
What's your favorite form of exercise?
Does God mean a lot to you?
Are you living or just merely existing or barely surviving?
Does a life of adventure appeal to you?
Do you long to live life on the edge?
Do you feel solemn right now?
How do you feel at the moment?
What are some places you would like to go on dates?
Do you struggle with your responsibilities?
Do you have too much responsibility for one single person?
Are you struggling?
How can I pray for you?
What do you want to do with your life?
Do you know what your purpose is? Do you know what you're called to?
Do other people respect your beliefs?
Do you feel free to think for yourself and express your own opinions...
...without judgment and hate and persecution?
What wedding theme do you like?
Have you ever had a themed birthday party? If so, what was the theme?
What do you want to do when you turn 30?
Are you ready to turn 30?
Does 30 seem old to you or young to you?
How old are you?
What age do you want to go back to or move ahead to?
Can you dance?
Are you gifted?
Does anyone appreciate your gifts?
How many people have encourage you to go after your dreams/
How many people have tried to stop you?
Do you think that's fair?
List five things that you are not.
What one word best describes you?
List five words that describe you.
Are you unique?
Do you think you are a lovable and/or likable person?
Are you bait? Are you a target for bullies?
If yes, what do you think makes you a target for bullies?
Are you happy with your current social class?
Are you popular?
Do you want to be popular?
Do your hormones go crazy?
What health problems do you have?
What are some things you have overcome?
What are some health problems you have had in the past but don't anymore?
Are you lonely?
Who is your best friend?
Who are the people that mean the most to you?
Do you tell them that you love them?
Do you owe anything to God?
Do you worship wholeheartedly?
Is your stomach rumbling right now?
Are you ok?
Any advice for someone who's struggling to let go of their past?
Are you happy?
What do you want people to know about you?
What do you wish people would say to you?
Do you feel acknowledged by other people enough?
Do you know anyone who doesn't hate you?
Does it annoy you when people tell you your problems are all in your head?
Ever been in a fist fight?
Do you argue?
Would you want to live your childhood again?
Are you ok?
Would you reach out to someone if you knew who you could trust?
Have you tried reaching out to people already, but they don't care?
Are you ok?
Do you think that assisted suicide should be an option for those who...
...don't want to live?
Do you think that not caring about a person and leaving them alone to die..
...should be a crime?
Do you think that turning your back on someone who is suicidal should be...
...a crime?
Do you think that trying to bully someone to suicide should be a crime?
If yes, what do you think the penalty should be?
Do you think you could ever forgive someone who tried to bully you to...
..commit suicide?
Have you ever had this happen, and have you forgiven them?
After you've forgiven someone, do you tell them?
Do you have any people or places you're avoiding?
Do you feel threatened for your life sometimes?
Do you have enemies who want you dead?
Is your life hard?
Is your life hell?
Is your life a living nightmare?
What do you miss?
Who do you miss?
Are you grieving?
Are people kind to the wounded?
Should the wounded be allowed to live?
Do you think the wounded should be treated like valuable human beings and..
..given equal rights?
Do you think persecution should be a crime?
What are your favorite colors to wear?
Do you look good in anything?
What colors do you never wear?
What makes you unique?
Why should someone want to be your friend?
Do you stand up for yourself?
Do you know right from wrong?
Do you have an inner sense of right and wrong?
Do you believe having an intuition is normal?
Do you have a good intuition?
Why do you wake up each morning? What keeps you going on?
Do you ever give up? Have you ever given up?
Do you have hope?
Do you love the lost and lonely?
What is your purpose here on this earth?
Are you ready to be done?
Are you afraid that your life will end before it even starts?
What are some things you hope to accomplish before you die?
Does anyone care about you?