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Author: skia
Created: January 24, 2018
Taken: 0 times
Rated: G

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Created by skia and taken 0 times on Bzoink
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Who died ? What was their name ?
We’re they young or old ?
How did they die ? (Skip if too personal )
how did you know them?
We’re you related ?
We’re you with them when they died ?
If not, how did you feel not being there ?
How did you find out about their death ?
What was your first thought to go through your head when they died ?
Did they have a casket ?
Did you go to the viewing to see the body , to say last goodbyes?
We’re they buried or cremated ?
If buried, Did you leave a note with them?
How were they dressed?
If they were cremated, did the ashes get thrown somewhere nice ?
Or are they in a urn?
We’re you apart of the funeral ?
Did you cry ?
We’re you angry ?
Was there anyone at the funeral you didn’t think should be there ?
Did you give a speech ?
We’re any of the speeches good?
What songs were played ?
After math
What was the first day without them like ?
What were the first emotions that you felt ?
Did you lose Any friends or family members
Did anyone try to tell you to stop being sad ?
We’re you angry at them for dying ?
We’re you angry at ANYONE else for their death ?
Did you talk about them after their death ?
Do you go to their grave and talk to them ?
Did you do therapy after ?
Did you do any unhealthy coping mechanisms?
^ or any healthy ones ?
How long has it been since they died ?
How long has it been since you talked to them ?
Do you still cry ?
Do you do anything special on their anniversary?
Have you written a letter to them ?
Do you miss them ?
Do you believe they can watch you ?
Have you kept their picture ?
If you could would you bring them back ?
What’s one thing you wish you could say to them ?