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Author: joybucket
Created: January 19, 2018
Taken: 21 times
Rated: G

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Have you ever

Created by joybucket and taken 21 times on Bzoink
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been in a public place when you realized your shirt was on backward
found out you couldn't sing
found out you were colorblind
tripped and fell on the ice
realized you had dog doo on your shoe
spilled pickle juice on yourself
fell in the mud
wished you could get a kitty
wondered if a certain shirt would ever fit you again
had something stolen from you
written an article for a newspaper
designed your own magazine
written a magazine article just for fun
enjoyed writing an essay
wanted to die
wrote an essay just for the fun of it
thought diagramming sentences was fun
had a tampon under your shirt
ate an olive that you thought was a grape and been disgusted
cussed someone out
been flipped off by someone in a car when you cut them off
realized your shorts were too short
realized when you were in public that your clothing was see-through
felt like you could be best friends with a certain celebrity
thought you looked like a model
wanted to be a model
taken a selfie with your pet
fell flat on your face
fell and hurt your head
sprained your ankle
filmed a waterfall
won a tacky tourist costume contest
dressed ridiculous just for fun
came up with your own photo challenge
missed a deadline
made a mistake
hurt someone's feelings
had someone hurt your feelings
couldn't find your envelopes
drew on your face with eyeliner
drew something with Sharpies on a pair of pants
cried in a public bathroom
been shoved into a locker
had a crime committed against you
forgave someone who hurt you
been kicked out of your house
ran away
been rebellious
drew a tattoo on yourself with a Sharpie
thought about getting a tattoo
had a craving for sushi
had a craving for chocolate
wished more trees were pink
wanted to be a mermaid
wished you could fly
felt threatened for your life
wished you were a princess
wished you had a roller coaster in your backyard
burnt toast
wished you had a swimming pool
had a drowning scare
been stuck upside down
touched your nose to your tongue
done the splits
done a cartwheel
done one cartwheel after another
licked your elbow
touched your feet to your head
been obsessed with the Olsen twins
had your favorite color change
changed what you wanted to be when you grew up
had your dreams change
wanted to get revenge on someone
beat yourself up over a mistake that you made
drew a picture of a teapot
hated reading music
taken music lessons and hated it
dated someone just to try it out
kissed someone just to do it
danced in the rain
got caught in the rain one your way to church and arrived soaking wet
drew a picture of a skull
gotten kicked out of a library
lost your library card
wished you could be a writer
contemplated moving to New York City
made a list of baby names you like
thought about what you want to name your future pet
knit a scarf
drawn hearts in the sand
daydreamed about your wedding day
drew a picture of a flower
slept in a hammock
created a reading nook