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Author: c-guts
Created: January 9, 2018
Taken: 24 times
Rated: G

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You're a catalyst to your own happiness, y'know. (Alike)

Created by c-guts and taken 24 times on Bzoink
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You drink a lot of La Croix.
You drink a lot of craft beer.
You have a yorkie or some other small dog.
You have a calico cat.
You love bleu cheese.
Your hair is an unnatural color.
You're an atheist.
You like to travel.
You love your boyfriend.
You work in retail management.
You're a millennial.
You enjoy naps.
You like to go caving.
You have an interest in creepy/mysterious content.
You don't really have a best friend.
Both of your parents are dead.
You're a little overly warm at the moment.
You have difficulty applying eyeliner.
You don't mind going out by yourself.
You're underweight.
You eat a lot of junk.
You like to swim.
You're making pasta for dinner.
You have many different pairs of glasses.
You collect books more than you read them.
You're addicted to caffeine.
Most of your friends are male.
You have a tattoo on your ankle.
You have a tattoo on the back of your neck.
Your belly button is pierced.
You called in sick to work today.
You're addicted to Breath of Wild.
You watch Peaky Blinders.
You're terrible at darts.
It makes you cringe when someone wants to take a picture together.
You live in a college town.
You have an iPhone X and you're unimpressed.
You've worked for years with cellular retail.
You dropped out of college.
You're never hungry in the morning.
You stay up too late.
You're slightly afraid of heights.
You don't know how to play poker.
You have really dark colored eyes.
Your boss is a tool.
Your boyfriend's a redhead.
Your legs are always covered in bruises.
You hate Applebees.
You love soup.
You skip in parking lots.
You're not afraid to make new friends.
You're a Star Wars fan.
You went to Warped Tour last year and didn't love it.
You have a lot of stuffed animals.
You have a human sized stuffed dinosaur.
You're not good at marking balloon bouquets.
You love the scent and taste of lavender.
You waste too much time watching YouTube videos.
Your car is white.
Your car has illegal tint.
You want sushi.
You remember your dreams vividly.
You write about your dreams.
You write a lot.
Most of your clothes came from Target.
Or thrift shops.
You make your own shorts from high waisted jeans at the thrift store.
All you do is hang out with your boyfriend and your animal(s).
You're trying to learn how to play a ukulele.
You pick at your nails.
You get dandruff in the winter.
You buy things based off of name and packaging.
You've had the same peircing multiple times.
You drool sometimes in your sleep.
You talk nonsense in your sleep and startle your partner.
You've been wanting a gyro for awhile.
Your middle name is an animal.
Your lips are super cracked.
You used to shoplift quite a lot.
You had a crush on Steve Buscemi as a young teenager.
Or David Spade.
You had an eating disorder in your early teens.
You're a Harry Potter fan.
You don't follow politics.
You don't enjoy holidays because family gatherings are awkward.
You enjoy muskier scents more than sweet.
You'd like a wolf.
Homeless people scare you.
You actually get really excited at the thought of a tornado or major storm.
Thunder helps you sleep.
Intelligence is more important than looks.
You like learning new words.
You really love mimosas.
You unintentionally lead people on.
You wake up to pee sometimes several times in the night.