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Author: joybucket
Created: December 31, 2017
Taken: 22 times
Rated: G

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Was your 2017 like mine?

Created by joybucket and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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You had a really painful and hard and lonely year.
A friend hurt you really badly.
You are mad at said friend and are struggling to forgive her.
You wake up every day angry and wanting revenge.
You made a bad decision at the beginning of the summer.
You lost a friend this year.
You got diagnosed with an illness.
You got diagnosed with a rare condition.
You were bored waiting in a doctor's office.
You had surgery.
Your mom hurt you really badly.
You celebrated Christmas alone.
You were lonely and bored on Christmas.
You didn't celebrate Halloween.
You missed Thanksgiving.
You skipped your family Christmas.
You had to take a new medication.
You went weeks without going to church.
You made a stupid decision because you were scared.
You went to the beach with a guy and had a good time :)
You didn't do something and wish you had.
You got mad at your brother because he's a jerk.
You went to your little cousin's dance recital.
You don't even want to think about 2017, because it was too painful.
You know it could have been good.
You are broke/poor.
You almost ran out of money.
You were treated very badly.
Your best friend turned against you.
You didn't get to celebrate your birthday the way you wanted.
Someone hurt your feelings on your birthday.
You watched some interesting youtube videos.
You suffered from chronic pain.
You wished you had a swimming pool.
You deleted and blocked many people on fb.
You had the police barge in on you.
You had someone be a real jerk to you, many times.
You discovered that you have no real friends who care about you.
One of your favorite websites shut down.
You had a severe allergic reaction to a mosquito bite.
You gained weight.
You had a toxic reaction to nail polish remover.
You cut your own hair.
You did something stupid.
You spent days crying and contemplating suicide in bed.
You started writing a suicide note.
You strongly wanted to get revenge on someone.
You were yelled at by a mean, mean man.
You were abused.
You were persecuted.
You had something stolen from you.
You wished you had a car.
Your friend who normally gives you rides got cancer.
You found out you might need a hysterectomy.
You realized you can't eat chocolate anymore.
You had a loud and obnoxious neighbor.
Your landlord called you a liar and accused you of something you didn't do.
You had many people be mean to you.
You started writing a story but didn't finish it.
You made to-do lists and never did any of the stuff.
You wished you could travel.
You ran a costumed 5k.
You planned a Halloween costume but then didn't celebrate it.
You tried to sell your things but had no luck.
You watched a youtube video that made you cry.
You didn't watch any movies.
You lost your library card.
The guy you were interested in got a girlfriend.
You got a new pair of slipper socks.