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About This Survey

Author: skia
Created: December 21, 2017
Taken: 54 times
Rated: G

Mental illness survey *somewhat long*

Created by skia and taken 54 times on Bzoink
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Don't self diagnose yourself, if you have any of these symptoms and arent..
diagnosed please see a mental health professional
self diagnosing can be and is dangerous.
Depression (x what applies)
You don't enjoy your hobbies
You sleep too much/too little
You don't think you matter
You wish you could kill yourself
You feel more sad than happy
You get anxious for no reason at all
You have nervous ticks (biting nails, hair touching,etc)
You always have a nervous stomach
You always feel like youre on the edge
You get a lot of body aches
OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
You have obsessive thoughts that you cant make go away
You have a special routine and if you dont do it exactly...
you will have a panic attack
you have to double check things
If things arent exactly how you want them you get constant anxiety and you
cant stop thinking about it
You have a fear of losing control
You have gone through something traumatic
You get flashbacks all the time from the trauma
Loud noises cause a panic attack
You have night terrors (different from nightmares)
You zone out/black out and relive the event
You feel extremely sad
You get extremely happy/excited
You talk so fast people can't keep up
You have sleep problems
You are constantly thinking of death/suicide
You constantly hear voices in your head (NOT THOUGHTS)
You have word salad (disorganized sentences)
You hallucinate
You have the flat effect (no emotion/zombie like)
You have laugh at the wrong times
Dissociative Identity disorder
You are detached from your emotions
You have amnesia of certain events/people
You dont remember faces or you have a difficult time remembering
You get anxious
Youre suicidal
BPD- Borderline Personality disorder
You take major risks
Youre very sexually active (many partners)
You have unstable relationships
Extreme mood swings
You have explosive anger
Autism (broad, there are way too many so im just gonna list to common )
You have a hard time in social surroundings (relating to people..communicat
You resist change
You have at least one learning disability
you CANT make eye contact
You cant share enjoyment with others
SAD- Seasonal affective disorder
You feel more happy during the summer time
Seasons changing can make you feel sad/depressed
You think about death but not suicide
You have insomnia
You get irritated easy
Bulimia Nervosa
You eat a big portion of food at once
You have bad self image
You eat a lot but force yourself to puke it all up
You feel like you cant stop the eating / out of control
You self harm
You see yourself bigger than you actually are
You enjoy the feeling of starving yourself
You have extreme weight loss in very little time
Your hair is falling out
You have anxiety if you have to eat
You are always moving (tapping pen, shaking leg)
You cant pay attention long
You act before thinking
You lose interest quickly
Youre always talking too much/too fast
Theres obviously too many disorders too list, i just choose..
the common ones. if you relate to a lot of the symptoms..
and havent seen a dr or therapist, please do
and dont claim you have a disorder just because you
related to a lot of the symptoms
thanks for doing the survey <3