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Author: kayla99100
Created: December 14, 2017
Taken: 62 times
Rated: PG

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Lots of Random Questions! - Boredom

Created by kayla99100 and taken 62 times on Bzoink
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About You - Basic
What is your name?
Where do you live? (I swear I’m actually not a stalker) :D
What would you classify yourself as, in any group?
Your Favorites
Place to go:
Type of music:
Type of clothing:
Class subject:
Tv show:
Fictional Character:
What would you say if:
I was looking for a tv show to watch
I was looking for a movie to watch
I was looking for good music
I was gay
I was straight
I was bi
About your crush/partner:
What is your fav thing about them?
What trait does your partner HAVE to have?
How much do you care about looks? Be honest...
Are they funny?
Are they caring?
Do they have good taste in music? ;D
Who is your fav youtuber?
What are you wearing?
What are you tasting?
What are you hearing?
What are you seeing?
Stick you right arm straight out to the right. What would you touch first?
Have you ever harmed yourself on purpose?
Do you have anxiety?
Have you ever been depressed?
Do you wear makeup?
What is your opinion on girls wearing makeup?
What is your opinion on guys wearing makeup?
What do you have for social media?
What is your Snapchat username? (If you have it)
What color are your bedroom walls?
Do you have any pets? What?
Do you prefer baths or showers?
Have you ever used a bath bomb?
What is your opinion on this survey?
What is your opinion on trans genders?
Are you a virgin?
How long is your hair?
What color is your hair?
Are you bored?
What is your fav sport?
Do you like drawing?
Do you like paining?
Do you play any instruments?
Do you like the Dolan Twins?
How many days until Christmas?
Do you celebrate Christmas?
Do you still trick or treat?
Fav song?
Thanks sooo much for doing this survey!
Should I do another one?