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Author: joybucket
Created: November 17, 2017
Taken: 23 times
Rated: G

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Random xxx November Survey

Created by joybucket and taken 23 times on Bzoink
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I like:
oversized sweaters
skinny jeans
infinity scarves
boots with fringe
riding boots
fringe purses
hot tea
coffee shops
cardigan sweaters
slipper socks
falling leaves
fall colors
the smell of the fall leaves
chai lattes
apple cider
candy corn
rainy days spend indoors
pajama days
comfy pajama pants
caramel apples
My hair is not perfect every day.
I hate skinny jeans because they're super uncomfortable.
I think coffee tastes disgusting.
I dislike carving pumpkins.
I skipped Halloween this year.
Someone hurt my feelings on my birthday.
I've been sick lately.
I have fall allergies.
My body is telling me I need to rest.
I don't get flu shots.
I don't take medications unless I absolutely have to.
I trim my own hair.
I haven't been to a dentist in years.
I haven't had my eyes checked in years.
Sometimes I contemplate assisted suicide.
I've started writing a suicide note.
I can see better than all of the people I've seen take the colorblind ...
..tests on youtube.
I don't trust that anyone really cares about me.
I have no one I can trust.
I have no one I can confide in.
I'm not courageous enough to do what I need to do sometimes.
I don't remember my new year's resolution.
I haven't watched TV in years.
I don't own a TV.
If I were rich I'd have a latte maker.
If I were rich I'd have a jacuzzi.
I can't deal with people right now.
My life is a nightmare.
My life has been a tragedy.
Things I want to do before November ends:
take fall selfies
wear a fall outfit
eat pumpkin pie
write a list of things I'm thankful for
ride my bike on a sunshine-y day
visit a coffee shop
go to church
make a pancake breakfast
bake scones
take a break from facebook
survive surgery
recover well
dye my hair a different color
Things I am looking forward to:
Christmas lights
hot chocolate with marshmallows
gingerbread cookies
Christmas carols
Christmas decorations
pumpkin pie with whip cream
opening Christmas presents
Thanksgiving dinner
visiting a coffee shop
mailing a gift to my Secret Santa
sending Christmas cards
being well again
gaining my life back
having a life
making friends
being loved
the new year
turning 30
Things I want to happen before I'm 30:
have a true best friend
be loved
be a part of a community that loves and respects and values me
have only what I need and what I love
be happy
go after my dreams
have accomplished some of my dreams
be honored
What are your dreams?
get married
have kids
write a novel
be a painter
be loved
be a doctor
be a teacher
be a lawyer
be an actor/actress
be a professional singer or musician
be a dancer
be a leader
be someone's best friend
other (you can say what it is if you want)
This or That
pumpkin spice latte or caramel apple cider?
caramel apple or pumpkin spice roll?
fruity candy or chocolate candy?
sun or rain?
red or brown?
red or orange?
yellow or red?
yellow or brown?
yellow or pink?
pink or red?
Do you consider purple a fall color?
Do you like the multi-colored trees the best?
What is your favorite: red tree, orange tree, or yellow tree?
And what is your least favorite?
Do you have any big plans coming up? If so, what?
Do you keep your life open to surprises?