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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: August 18, 2017
Taken: 69 times
Rated: PG

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New Are We Alike Survey [Long]

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 69 times on Bzoink
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You dye your hair red
You have a purple wig
Your eyes are green or hazel
You weigh 100 pounds or less
You are very pale
You are average height for your gender
Your hair is naturally kind of curly, but you straighten it
Your hair is naturally brown
You have tiny boobs
You are underweight
You are self conscious about your appearance
Many people find you very attractive
You were born in April
You were born in the 90's
You were born in 1993
You were born in the USA
You were born in Pennsylvania
Your parents are still together
Your parents are in their sixties
Your parents were pretty old when they had you
You have an older brother
Two of your grandparents are still living
You have a step-grandparent as well
Your dad has cancer
Your mom is bipolar
Your sibling lives across the country
You don't have any kids
You have a boyfriend/girlfriend
You are a vegetarian
You are working towards being a vegan
You want to marry your boyfriend/girlfriend
You are Jewish
You pray multiple times a day
You worry a lot
You are very paranoid
You are very shy
You have social anxiety
You have asthma
You have acid reflux
You have bad allergies
You've had anorexia before
You have two cats
You've had a dog before
You've had a pet frog before
You've had hamsters before
You've had hermit crabs before
You've had many fish before
You went to a religious preschool
You almost drowned when you were little
You are afraid of water still
You are afraid of fire
You are afraid of puking
Your biggest fear is death
You are afraid of clowns
You are afraid of losing loved ones
You are afraid of bugs
You were bullied when you were younger
Your past bullies think you're hot now
You've moved across the country before
You've lived in Arizona
You've been to Israel
You've been to Mexico
You've been to Disneyland
You've been to Disneyworld
You've been to Hawaii
You've been to NYC
You've had a bar/bat mitzvah
You've been to a bar/bat mitzvah
You've been to a wedding
You've been to a funeral
You've ridden on a plane
You've ridden on a train
You've ridden on a boat
You've ridden in a limo
You've used Uber and/or Lyft
You've skateboarded
You've skiied
You've had braces
You wear glasses when driving
You've never used contact lenses before
You had a rolling backpack in middle school
You were in the school band
You were in the school choir
You've used hair extensions before
You've smoked weed
You've smoked hookah
You've been drunk
You hate alcohol and rarely drink it
You've never smoked a cigarette
You've never done drugs aside from weed
You were fourteen when you got your period
You were fifteen when you had your first kiss
You were fifteen when you got your first boyfriend
You were sixteen when you lost your virginity
You've never been pregnant
You take birth control
You have gum disease
You've graduated high school
You went to college
You never graduated college
You lived in a dorm building
You've moved a lot
You've live in a condo
You've lived in apartments
You've lived in a big house
You studied music in college
Your major was vocal performance
You love singing more than anything
You've been in rock bands
You play piano
You play flute
You write songs
You can barely play guitar
You've worked as a cashier
You've worked as a barista
You've worked as a host/hostess
You've worked as a shift lead in a restaurant
You've worked in a call center environment
You've worked at Panera Bread
You've worked at a Mexican restaurant
You've worked as a secretary
You've worked for a medical office
You recently got fired from a job
You've been treated unfairly in a work place
You've been sexually harrassed in a work place
Your manager has tried to make a move on you
You were recently hired at a new job
You've been employed by Applebee's before
You are a night owl
You love salad
You love mangos
You love pasta
You love salad
You love pizza
You love flan and creme brulee
You love hummus
You love salsa
You love guacamole
You love Mountain Dew
You love smoothies
You love chocolate milk/soy milk
You love sweet iced tea
You love Pokemon
You love Disney
You love Harry Potter
You love Marvel
You love The Sims
You love Halloween
You have a YouTube channel
Are we alike?