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Author: voicedance16
Created: July 30, 2017
Taken: 35 times
Rated: PG

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really long favorites survey

Created by voicedance16 and taken 35 times on Bzoink
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favorite things in (almost) every category I can think of
Favorite color? (in general)
Favorite color to wear?
Favorite food in general?
Favorite breakfast food?
Favorite lunch food?
Favorite dinner food?
Favorite snack food?
Favorite dessert?
Favorite animal in general?
Favorite domestic animal?
Favorite zoo animal?
Favorite movie in general?
Favorite Disney movie?
Favorite Disney princess?
Favorite Disney character?
Favorite book?
Favorite book series?
Favorite author?
Favorite dog breed?
Favorite cat breed?
Favorite US state?
Favorite day of the week?
Favorite time of day?
Favorite TV show?
Favorite TV channel?
Favorite actor?
Favorite actress?
Favorite clothing brand?
Favorite clothing store?
Favorite department store?
Favorite grocery store?
Favorite store in general?
Favorite cat breed?
Favorite US city?
Favorite foreign city?
Favorite music genre?
Favorite band/music group?
Favorite music artist/composer?
Favorite song?
Favorite album?
Favorite song on your favorite album? (if different)
Favorite stage musical?
Favorite movie musical?
Favorite musical/Broadway song?
Favorite Disney song?
Favorite musical instrument?
Favorite movie character?
Favorite book character?
Favorite ice cream flavor?
Favorite pizza topping?
Favorite website?
Favorite app? (not a game)
Favorite iPhone game?
Favorite board/card game?
Favorite outdoor game?
Favorite sport to play?
Favorite sport to watch?
Favorite sport to watch?
Favorite thing to do?
Favorite youtuber?
Favorite music video?
Favorite country?
Favorite place you've traveled to?
Favorite concert you've been to? (if any)
Favorite flower?
Favorite fruit?
Favorite vegetable?
Favorite kind of cake?
Favorite kind of pie?
Favorite kind of cookie?
Favorite mode of transportation?
Favorite language?
Favorite shirt you own?
Favorite pair of pants you own?
Favorite jacket/sweatshirt you own?
Favorite pair of shoes you own?
Favorite shoe brand?
Favorite piece of jewelry you own?
Favorite electronic device?
Favorite holiday?
Favorite type of weather?
Favorite class in school?
Favorite teacher?
Favorite college?
Favorite hairstyle?
Favorite room in your house?
Favorite kind of coffee?
Favorite kind of tea?
Favorite Starbucks drink?
Favorite sit-down restaurant?
Favorite fast food restaurant?
Favorite ice cream topping?
Favorite gift you've ever received?
Favorite age you've been so far?
Favorite way to eat eggs?
Favorite thing to do in the summer?
Favorite charity?
Favorite thing to do with your family?
Favorite thing to do with your friends?
Favorite thing to do by yourself?
Favorite celebrity?
Favorite job you've had?
Favorite number?
Favorite shape?
Favorite kind of cheese?
Favorite condiment?
Favorite Italian food?
Favorite Mexican food?
Favorite Chinese food?
Favorite Thai food?
Favorite Indian food?
Favorite kind of soup?
Favorite kind of candy?
Favorite Thanksgiving food?
Favorite soda?
Favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Favorite alcoholic drink?
Favorite word?
Favorite phrase?
Favorite girl's name?
Favorite boy's name?
Favorite beach?
Favorite amusement park/fair ride?
Favorite fair/festival food?
Favorite insect?
Favorite poem?
Favorite thing to do when it's raining?
Favorite thing to do when it's snowing/really cold?
Favorite thing to do outside?
Favorite song lyric?
Favorite children's book?
Favorite toy when you were younger?
Favorite stuffed animal brand?
Favorite music artist when you were 10?
Favorite book when you were 10?
Favorite movie when you were 10?
Favorite way to relax?
Favorite radio station?
Favorite newspaper?
Favorite TV show when you were 10?
Favorite video game?
Favorite gemstone?
Favorite landscape?
Favorite type of camera?
Favorite smell?
Favorite thing to wear to bed?
Favorite cover of a song?
Favorite extracurricular activity?
Favorite school project/assignment you've had?
Favorite way to communicate?
Favorite lullaby?
Favorite part of the body?
Favorite Christmas/holiday song?
Favorite writing utensil?
Favorite car?
Favorite US president?
Favorite historical time period?
Favorite type of science?
Favorite web browser?
Favorite search engine?
Favorite coffee shop?
Favorite brand of chips?
Favorite sandwich?
Favorite design/pattern?
Favorite religion?
Favorite way to earn money?
Favorite perfume?
Favorite soap scent?
Favorite magazine?
Favorite accomplishment?
Favorite people to follow on social media?
Favorite online store?
Favorite feeling?
Favorite day of the year?
Favorite quote?
Favorite photo you have?
Favorite type of dance?
Favorite person/people you admire?
Favorite memory from the past year?