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Author: rainbowpuke
Created: July 18, 2017
Taken: 305 times
Rated: PG

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how much are you like me?? BE WARNED WEIRD QUESTIONS

Created by rainbowpuke and taken 305 times on Bzoink
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Do you believe in ghosts?
Do you support LGBT+?
Are you addicted to coffee?
Do you like camping?
Have you dyed your hair?
Are you 18+?
Did you go through an emo phase?
Do you like makeup?
Do you believe men can wear skirts?
Are you not a big fan of animals?
Do you hate ice cream?
Have you ever sniffed nail polish for no reason?
Do you like the smell of petrol/gasoline? It's weird, right?
Isn't savoury food awesome and better than sugar?
Do you drink alcohol?
Do you miss Club Penguin?
Does your name begin w/ D?
Are you interested in psychology?
Do only ever dream of exploring abandoned places?
Do you drink smoothies and pretend you're making healthy lifestyle choices
Do you look underage?
Do you feel like nobody your age hits on you because you look 13?
Are you denied the purchase of scratch cards for looking under 16?
Are you looked at strangely down the pub because of looking like a child?
Do you often wish you could pretend to be someone else and forget?
Do you sleep more than 10 hours?