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Author: joybucket
Created: July 14, 2017
Taken: 21 times
Rated: G

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Have you ever.......

Created by joybucket and taken 21 times on Bzoink
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thought that time was going by way too fast?
wished you could rewind time?
wished you could speed things up?
cried while reading a book that you could relate to?
wished you could have your life back?
wanted to run away?
ate too much chocolate?
ate because you were stressed?
ate because you were bored?
wished that life were good again?
avoided your crush because you didn't know what to say?
ate something even though you knew you shouldn't?
had trouble letting go of the past?
made a stupid mistake?
made a really HUGE stupid mistake?
woken up with a swollen lip and wondered why?
rebelled against your own emotions when you were angry?
got on the Internet to escape from real life?
knew you should probably do something else but didn't want to put your...
book down?
taken notes in the margins of a book and later wished you hadn't?
written something in a yearbook that you later wished you hadn't?
wondered why you own a comb when you never use it?
done a fishtail braid?
done a cartwheel on the beach?
painted each nail a different color?
wished you didn't own so much make-up?
wished that your life were simpler?
wished that your life were more magical?
wished you had someone to talk to, but no one was answering their phones?
wished you could call and talk to a friend, but you couldn't because you...
...two weren't speaking to each other?
had a best friend?
had two best friends, like in TV shows?
had a crush on a friend?
wished you could share your opinion without getting hate comments?
wished you weren't such a bait for bullying?
thought life was unfair?
had a 104 degree fever?
had a 105 degree fever?
had a high fever for three days or more?
thrown up from cramps?
been tempted to get offended at God?
been mad at God?
been tempted to destroy someone's property?
not stood up for yourself, even though you know you should have, just...
...because you didn't want to?
wanted to kill someone?
punched someone in the face?
wanted to punch someone in the face?
had a mysterious allergic reaction?
researched an illness you thought you might have?
had a friend turn on you?
lost a friend of 15 years?
had a secret crush?
felt unworthy?
felt insecure?
felt unloved?
actually had no one in your life who loved or cared about you?
been afraid to leave your room?
been afraid to leave your house?
been mistreated by a cop?
had a neighbor lie about you?