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Author: voicedance16
Created: May 22, 2017
Taken: 74 times
Rated: PG

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with shortness of breath, you explained the infinite (are we alike?)

Created by voicedance16 and taken 74 times on Bzoink
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answer with true/false, yes/no, and feel free to explain if you like!
you're female
your birthday is in May
you recently turned 21
you haven't drank alcohol yet
you probably will once in a while, but nothing excessive
you're from upstate New York
you have a cat
you have a dog
you're an only child
you go to a community college
you used to go to a university
you've lived in the same house for 10 years or more (excluding college)
you're moving into a new apartment soon
you live in small-medium size town
your favorite color is aqua/turquoise
you love Thai food
and Indian food
you have an iPhone 5s
you're currently in the process of trying to find a summer job
you haven't declared a college major yet
you enjoy working with younger kids
music is a really big part of your life
you are/were in choir
and it is/was pretty much your life
you've met one or more of your favorite music artists
you're obsessed with a certain music group/artist(s)...
that most people have probably never heard of
you've recently started listening to Sleeping At Last
you don't listen to that much popular music
you like musical theater
you're obsessed with Hamilton
you really want to see it, but haven't yet
you're also obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen
but haven't seen it either
you've seen Wicked on Broadway
you're going to NYC soon
you wish you could go to Broadway but you can't
you're going to a concert you've been waiting for for a long time
you play(ed) the piano
you play and/or enjoy listening to unusual instruments
you enjoy music from other cultures/foreign languages
your music teachers/directors are some of your biggest heroes
you like watching Disney movies
Moana and Zootopia are your favorites
you rarely or never watch TV
you watched Little House on the Prairie when you were younger
...and you sometimes still do
you like to draw...
...even though you aren't very good
you like to read
...but you don't do it as much as you wish anymore
you get emotional really easily when listening to music
you wish you did theater...
but you didn't have enough time
you have a facebook
you have an instagram
you have a quote from one of your favorite songs in your bio
you have a tumblr
you have a youtube channel
you want to post more music covers on it
you know you're a good singer...
but you don't like your voice on recordings
you haven't learned how to drive yet
you've never been in a romantic relationship
you have pierced ears
you don't plan on getting anything else pierced
you don't have any tattoos
you don't plan on getting any
but you would if it wasn't painful
you don't really like talking on the phone
you're done with school for the year
you're happy it's summer
you're currently listening to the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack
you still enjoy reading children's books
you enjoy photography
you've been to Europe
specifically Austria...
...and Scotland
you really want to go to Italy...
...and Greece
you miss someone a lot
you have one or more friends significantly younger than you
you're participating in some sort of music group this summer
You Will Be Found is your favorite Dear Evan Hansen song
if you haven't heard it, PLEASE go listen to it <3
you want to impact children's lives in a positive way
...specifically through music
you own a pair of converse
you own a pair of adidas superstars
your room/house is usually pretty messy
you like to cook/bake
you're planning on going out for ice cream soon
you have/had an American Girl doll(s)
you have/had a Webkinz(s)
your hair has always been its natural color
you read/used to read the Warriors books
you live somewhere that gets really cold/snowy in the winter
you only switched schools between elementary/middle/high/college
you still keep in touch with one or more of your former teachers
you wish you had more money
you have/use an adult coloring book
(one of) your favorite animal(s) is an elephant
you like to dance...
...even though you usually end up crashing into things that aren't there...
you want to travel more
you've read/are reading the Matched trilogy
you own way too many clothes...
...but you still keep buying more
you want to get into doing more art
you're jealous of one or more of your friends
you have a pinterest
you have friends who you consider part of your family
you like plants/flowers
you have a tapestry in your bedroom
you drink coffee
you prefer espresso drinks to the regular stuff
you procrastinate a lot
you hate math
you want to write songs someday
you prefer to sing in front of people than talk in front of people
you know someone who's expecting a baby soon
you spend too much time on the internet
you really want to get in touch with someone...
...but you don't know them very well so you think it would be weird
you go to church
...but you aren't very religious
you studied German in school
but you feel like you know Spanish better cause of songs you've learned
you like gospel music
you have mostly different friends now than you did 10 years ago
you still act like a young child sometimes
...even though you're technically an adult
you've spoken to your mom within the past hour
you're really excited for something coming up soon