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Author: joybucket
Created: April 24, 2017
Taken: 26 times
Rated: PG

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These things have all happened to me; how about you?

Created by joybucket and taken 26 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever.....
been abused by a pastor?
had a pastor try to brainwash you?
had a best friend betray you?
had a best friend break your heart?
been bullied by a teacher?
been abused by both of your parents?
been abused by your brother?
had a youth leader at a church try to bully you to suicide?
...and then had people turn on you and defend the bully when you said...
...something about it?
been kicked out of your house?
had a parent lie to you?
not been able to trust anyone?
felt like your were all alone in a world full of people out to destroy you?
felt discriminated against?
been accused of being gay?
had a woman from your church strip down and make out with her husband in...
...front of you?
been bullied by someone online so much that it made you cry?
reported extreme hate speech to a site admin and nothing was done about it?
had someone try to shove their views down your throat?
had your best friend turn against you and join a group of bullies who...
...were targeting you?
had a police officer talk rudely to you, when you had done nothing wrong?
been harassed at work?
been sexually harassed at work?
had cramps so bad that you threw up?
had terrible cramps strike in the middle of class that made you feel like..
...you were going to throw up?
had a migraine?
been abused by your crush?
been excluded from a group?
been hurt by the church?
been bullied by your crush?
been neglected?
felt neglected?
felt unloved?
literally had no one to talk to because no one would listen to you?
felt de-valued?
been walked on?
not been able to cry because you were so weak?
cut yourself on purpose?
cut yourself to cope?
cut yourself because you felt like everything in your life was out of...
...your control?
cut yourself because you couldn't cry?
contemplated suicide?
had someone tell you that suicide was selfish when you tried to seek help?
had someone turn their back on you and lose all respect for you when you...
...told them you wanted to talk about suicide?
had someone betray your trust?
lost your best friend?
cried at a funeral?
been bullied by someone five years younger than you?
been mistreated because you were short?
been mistreated by a cop?
had someone make a comment you didn't like about your weight?
been hated for no reason?
been hated for your looks or your gifts/talents?
been persecuted for your faith?
been disowned by your parents?
had your free will stolen from you?
had someone force himself upon you?
called the police?
had the police tell you there's nothing they could do?
had your whole hand swell up from a bee sting?
had your whole food swell up from a bee sting?
had your whole lower leg swell up from a mosquito bite?
had so many mosquito bites that you felt nauseous?
sprayed up bug spray all over yourself but it didn't work?
found a tick on you?
cried off and on for days?
tried to seek help for being suicidal, but got abused by the people you...
...went to for help?
asked someone to talk when you needed someone, and they told you they...
..were too busy?
felt lonely?
slept with the light on because you were afraid of the dark?
always wanted to do gymnastics but your parents never let you?
had someone accuse you of the very thing that they were guilty of?
been judged by someone who didn't even know you?
been judged by someone who told you they didn't have time to get to know u?
had someone from your church tell you to not tell anyone she smokes pot?
let someone walk on you and later regretted it?
stood up for yourself and felt better afterward?
felt panicked?
had someone treat you like you were lesser than them?
found out a certain church was a cult?
found out a certain church just wants money?
had someone try to bully you to suicide?
had people lash out at you out of nowhere?
felt threatened for your life?
wondered if someone was going to kill you?
worried about becoming homeless?
had something stolen from you?
been tormented by memories of past abuse?
not been able to make peace with your past?
wanted to talk to someone but had no one who would listen to you?
had a lie spread about you?
wondered if someone was spreading rumors about you?
been punished for doing right?
felt isolated and alone?
wondered why no one does what is right?
asked yourself, "Where is the love?"
thought Paramore's "Ain't it Fun" was the theme song to your life?