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About This Survey

Author: chasingghosts
Created: April 15, 2017
Taken: 189 times
Rated: PG

[Boyfriend Survey] You are the cause of this sickness and the cure for this disease.

Created by chasingghosts and taken 189 times on Bzoink
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What's his first name?
What's his middle name?
Does his surname begin with the same letter as yours?
How old is he?
How long have you been together?
Do you have a casual or serious relationship?
How long were you together before you told your parents about it?
How often do you see each other?
Do you live together?
Do you have keys to each other's places?
When was the last time you saw him?
What is the age gap between you? Is he older or younger than you?
Have you met his parents?
Has he met your parents?
How many siblings does he have?
Have you met his siblings?
Has he met your siblings?
What's his name in your phone?
Have you talked about marriage?
Does he have any kids?
Does he want kids?
Do you see a future with him?
Are you "Facebook official"?
How did you meet him?
Where did you go for your first date?
Who was the first one to make a move?
Have you spoken to him today?
What's his favourite pizza topping?
Does he cook?
What sort of phone does he have?
What size is his bed?
Does he like to be big spoon or little spoon when you cuddle?
Is he a good kisser?
Does he make you happy?
What's his fashion style?
Does he drive? If so, what sort of car?
Has he ever bought you an item of clothing?
Does he have any piercings?
Is he more fun or serious?
What does he do for a living?
When is the next time you'll see him?
What's his favourite thing to drink?
Does he live alone, with roommates or with parents?
Does he have any pets?
Is he your first boyfriend?
What was the last movie you watched with him?
Is he an active person?
What's his favourite candy?
Have you ever met his best friend?
What's your favourite physical quality of his?
What colour is his hair?
Do you argue with him often?
Where was the last place you went with him?
What colour is his toothbrush?
What kind of movies does he like to watch?
Have you celebrated either of your birthdays together?
Does he play any instruments?
Do you have any mutual friends?
How often do you talk to him on the phone?
Does he have a beard or is he clean-shaven?
What was the last compliment he gave you?
Does he dance?
Is he taller or shorter than you?
Has he ever bought you flowers?
Do you ever borrow his clothes?
Is he a clean or messy person?
What colour are his eyes?
What does he wear to bed?
Does he keep his fingernails clean?
Have you ever shared a shower with him?
How long after your first date did you see him again?
What's his bedroom like?
Has he ever had braces?
When was the last time you kissed him?
Do you celebrate Valentine's Day with him?
How long were you together before you said "I love you"?
What sort of shoes does he usually wear?
Do you know any of his exes?
What's his favourite cuisine?
Was he born in the country he now lives in?
Have you ever been long-distance with him?
Does he ever wear any type of jewellery?
What was the first present you got for him?
What was the first present he got for you?
Does he smoke?
What TV shows is he watching at the moment?
Have you ever visited him at work?
Does he play video games?
What was the last thing you argued about?
Is he straight?
When is his birthday?
Have you ever shared a bath with him?
Does he ride a motorcycle?
How long is his hair?
Have you ever been overseas with him?
Does he have any tattoos? If so, which one is your favourite?
What is his favourite alcoholic beverage?
Does he speak any languages other than English?
Is he college/university educated?
How long have you known him?
Does he text back quickly?
Have you ever celebrated Christmas with him?
Has he ever been in a physical fight?
Did you go to the same high school as him?