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Author: joybucket
Created: April 13, 2017
Taken: 37 times
Rated: G

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Have you ever wanted to...

Created by joybucket and taken 37 times on Bzoink
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kiss your best friend?
write a novel?
travel abroad?
punch someone in the face?
run away?
kill yourself?
kill someone?
be a doctor?
be a mother?
be the opposite gender?
be someone else?
be a photographer?
be a leader?
be in charge?
look different?
be famous?
be friends with someone that you never talk to?
bungee jump?
swim with dolphins?
punish yourself?
be a professional athlete?
be involved in a sport or activity that your parents wouldn't let you be?
have more money?
be more popular?
be a performer?
be an actress or actor?
be a professional dancer?
audition for American Idol?
be the star in play?
be a model?
have a different first name?
be more involved in sports or other activities than you were?
be more organized?
run a race?
win something?
learn a new language?
be a missionary?
be a pastor?
be a teacher?
be a lawyer?
be a police officer?
be a firefighter?
be a politician?
be a mentor?
travel back in time and fix a mistake that you made?
have time move faster?
go back in time and relive something because it was so great?
not have to stand up to anything because you don't want to cause drama?
just disappear?
just go to sleep and wake up when the world is better?
be healthier?
have fuller hair?
have thinner hair?
have curlier hair?
have straighter hair?
have wavier hair?
have more good hair days?
not have to have a period?
never get sick again?
be invincible?
not have to feel pain?
be able to fly?
be loved by the person that you crave affection from?
be a performer at a renessaince faire?
be an astronaut?
be a writer?
be a painter?
be a singer?
be a hairstylist?
be a server in a restaurant?
be a social worker?
be a psychologist?
be a scientist?
be an artist?
have there be no risks in life?
be a genius?
be a comedian?
change your last name?
grow your hair out?
be taller?
be shorter?