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Author: joybucket
Created: March 31, 2017
Taken: 56 times
Rated: PG

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Are we alike??? (long)

Created by joybucket and taken 56 times on Bzoink
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You're female.
You're in your 20's.
You're in your late 20's
Your favorite color is teal.
You are artistic.
You are spiritual.
You have allergies.
You like to read.
Health food interests you.
Your favorite season is fall.
Your birthday is in the fall.
You have one brother.
You have no sisters.
Your parents abuse/abused you.
You've been bullied.
You're petite.
You love gypsy/Bohemian things.
Your favorite color combination is pink, purple, and teal.
Living in the Victorian era sounds appealing to you.
You have very neat handwriting.
You can sing.
Many people have told you you are a really good singer.
You're double-jointed.
You can lick the tip of your nose.
Your hair is light golden brown.
Your eyes are hazel--brown and green.
You have dyed part of your hair pink before.
You were very shy as a child.
Your favorite show was All That.
You love macaroni and cheese.
You've never had a crush on a guy.
You had your first crush when you were in the third grade.
You had imaginary friends when you were little.
You have endometriosis.
You have acid reflux.
You have/used to have severe ADHD.
You love Jesus and pray to Him regularly.
You love to worship.
You love the outdoors.
Camping is awesome.
Nature is beautiful.
You have a positive outlook on life just like Anne Shirley in Anne of...
...Green Gables.
You hate injustice.
You fucking hate religion!
You like to drink SoBe water.
You like to drink tea.
Cinnamon tea is delicious!
You love smoothies.
You love fruit.
You like pie.
You love sushi.
You like Asian food.
You write in a journal.
You enjoy writing in cursive.
You hate blood, guts, ugly and gross things!
You've contemplated suicide.
You've dreamt of running away.
You've self-harmed.
You've counted ceiling tiles because you were bored.
You are lower class.
You have a friend crush on someone.
You were obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley when you were a kid.
You had the American Girl doll Molly.
You love to dance in church.
You love running.
You love dancing.
You are creative.
You are gifted.
You are unique.
You've been called a free spirit.
Sometimes you overthink.
You worry too much.
You are shy sometimes.
Your crush turned on you.
Your best friend turned on you and became abusive.
You feel alone, empty, isolated, and drained.
The joy of the Lord is your strength.
You like growing up.
You love the snow.
You love a mix of sun, rain, wind, and snow.
You like to swim.
You have too much clutter.
You want to live a simpler life and have less clutter.
You like taking pictures.
You enjoy taking selfies.
Your hair is naturally slightly curly.
You like how your hair looks when it rains--it's curlier!
You love redheads.
You love curly hair.
You look significantly younger than you are.
You have/had braces.
You wear glasses.
You love art.
You enjoy creative writing.
You often start writing stories but never finish them.
You're not a huge fan of Mexican food.
You love Italian food.
You've been called a free spirit.
You prefer spontaneity rather than planning.
You love bright colors.
You wear bright colors.
You don't look good in black.
You look like a mix between your mom and your dad.
You grew up with a black and white dog.
You like peacocks.
You like both dogs and cats.
You like both big cities and open fields in the countryside.
You love holidays.
You love decorating.
You have a passion for life.
You are known for your joy.
You like to be barefoot.
You are energetic.
You own a dreamcatcher necklace.
You like to wear skirts.
You love jeggings.
You own a pair of fringe boots.
You can write in calligraphy.
You never do anything to your hair; you just wear it down.
Sometimes you dread doing chores.
You like deep conversations.
You aren't that big a fan of texting.
You don't watch TV.
You don't watch movies.
You are on the Internet a TON.
You've been bullied online.
You've been bullied by teachers.
You've been abused at church.
You've been abused at home.
You've been harassed at home.
You've been bullied at work.
You've been bullied by your peers.
You've been bullied at school.
You've been bullied at an exercise class.
You've been sexually harassed.
You've been molested.
You've felt threatened for your life.
You've been threatened.
You've been verbally assaulted.
You've been verbally abused.
You've been not allowed to leave your house (as an adult).
You've been treated as a slave.
You've had someone shove their views down your throat.
You've cried yourself to sleep.
You're asexual.
You've questioned your sexuality.
You've danced in church.
You've laughed so hard your stomach hurt.
You've kissed someone just to try it out.
You've had cramps so bad you threw up.
You've had bronchitis.
You've had an asthma attack and been hospitalized.
You've done something you regret.
You have a TON of regrets.
You feel all alone in the world.
You find it very strange that you are all alone in the world with no one...
...who loves or cares about you but God.
You enjoy making surveys.
You enjoy taking surveys.
You want to travel more.
You wish you had more money.
You wish you were popular and were liked and treated well by more people.
You've been jealous of a friend who had more than you.
You wouldn't wish the things you've been through on anyone.
You don't have any tattoos and have no desire to get one.
You've had the cops called on you.
You've had the cops come to your door and question you.
You've had a cop be rude to you.
You've had a cop be nice to you.
Typing brings you pleasure.
You read for pleasure.
You like Girl's Life magazine.
You are thankful for libraries.
You like parks.
You like hiking.
You don't know if you want to get married or have kids.
You live alone.
You feel alone.
You believe in miracles.
You've experienced something supernatural.
You feel God's presence frequently.
You've had a finger turn white and go completely numb.
You like long hair better than short, and you are growing your hair long.
You have a birthmark.
You feel blah today.
You are about to go to bed.