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Author: joybucket
Created: March 20, 2017
Taken: 39 times
Rated: PG

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Lately, have you....

Created by joybucket and taken 39 times on Bzoink
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contemplated suicide?
punched someone?
got a tattoo?
wanted to rebel?
given up?
wanted to give up?
wrote a suicide note?
wrote a long letter to a friend?
felt the joy of the Lord?
written in a journal?
written in cursive?
given a gift to someone?
started a photo challenge on facebook?
completed a photo challenge?
started writing a story?
finished writing a story?
written a song?
written a poem?
made a scrapbook page?
written in calligraphy?
been to the doctor?
had heartburn?
been mad at someone?
swore because you were angry?
reported someone for bullying?
stood up to someone?
played a prank on someone?
got a bruise?
wanted to be done?
wished you could be put to sleep permanently?
wished you lived in another world?
wished you were loved?
found out your crush was a genuinely evil person?
left a church because of the hypocrisy?
forgot to take off your make-up before you fell asleep?
felt completely alone in the world?
had a bad experience at church?
felt loved at church?
felt good at church?
felt loved?
sang a song?
driven a car?
ridden in a car?
shoveled snow?
seen lightning flash?
danced in the rain?
watched a sunrise?
watched a sunset?
watched the moon rise out your window?
woken up to the sun shining in through your window?
drank tea?
cleaned your place and then posted before and after pictures?
made a Goodwill donation?
slept with the light on because you were afraid of the dark?
hugged a teddy bear?
felt close to Jesus?
lifted your hands to God in worship?
had a crush on someone?
went on a date?
got food on your favorite jeans?
used up all the minutes on your phone?
had your camera battery die when you were in the middle of taking photos?
taken a selfie?
posted a selfie on facebook?
felt uggghh?
had an itchy scalp?
put lotion on?
wished you never had to see your dad again?
had a big zit?
posted on a forum?
embroidered something?
ate too much at a potluck?
worn three pairs of gloves?
worn two pairs of socks?
trimmed your own bangs?
clipped your nails?
read a novel?
watched a movie?
watched TV?
played a computer game?
played a video game (not on computer)?
played a board game?
shared a secret with someone?
shared your heart with someone?
been given cash?
won cash?
wished your hair color would wash out of your hair (if it's dyed)?
thought about setting a suicide date?
reached out to a friend for help?
given someone advice?
posted in an online support group?
worn a retainer?
been to the dentist?
pet a dog?
walked a dog?
pet a cat?
had a nightmare?
worn a sweater?
ate sushi?
ate a sushi salad?
washed the dishes?
bought groceries?
put gas in your car?
washed your hair?
painted your nails?
wished you were richer?
worn fringe boots?
worn snow boots?
seen snow from your window?
been outside in the snow?
been questioned by the police?
blocked someone on facebook?
unfriended someone on facebook?
unfollowed someone on facebook?
painted something?
sketched something?
drew something?
used a rubber stamp?
sewed something?
decorated something?
made a card?
done a craft?
made a necklace?
thought the color of your eyes was really cool?
uploaded an older picture of yourself to facebook?
taken a break from social media?
ate a sandwich?