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Author: joybucket
Created: February 22, 2017
Taken: 63 times
Rated: G

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Currents, Firsts, Lasts

Created by joybucket and taken 63 times on Bzoink
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color shirt you are wearing
thing you are thinking about
way you are feeling
thing you are wishing you were doing
color your fingernails are painted
way your hair looks
color socks you are wearing
color pants you are wearing
color watch you are wearing
room you are in
best friend
time you felt loved
best friend
time you remember feeling God's presence
time you really encountered God
time you really felt alive
time you discovered why you are alive
time you were baptized
significant other
favorite celebrity
celebrity crush
favorite TV show
concert you went to
CD you bought
movie you remember seeing in theaters
Broadway show you went to
sport you were in
favorite subject
time you cried
time you ran
thing you ate
thing you drank
flavor of tea you drank
time you had pie
time you ate chocolate
time you dyed your hair
time you cut your hair
time someone hurt you
time you felt angry
time you felt empty
time you felt alive
time you felt joyful
time you felt sad
time when you were unsure what to do
time you did laundry
time you cleaned your room
book you read
show you watched
website you visited
person you hugged
person you shared a secret with
time you painted your nails