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Author: joybucket
Created: February 22, 2017
Taken: 24 times
Rated: G

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Long Are We Alike?

Created by joybucket and taken 24 times on Bzoink
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I've made these before, but I'm bored right now, so I decided to make a new
and longer one. I hope you enjoy!
You are female.
You are in your 20's.
Your favorite color is teal.
You've been called a free spirit.
You would call yourself a free spirit, except you feel too broken to fly.
You love the colors teal, pink, and purple.
You love the outdoors.
You favorite school subjects were English and Art.
Your eyes are hazel.
Your eyes are brown and green.
You have one brother.
You have no sisters.
Your parents abused you.
Your natural hair color is light golden brown.
You've dyed your hair pink.
You are short.
You are petite.
You are naturally thin.
You look like your mom.
You had braces.
You wear glasses.
You wear contacts.
You are physically flexible.
You are double-jointed.
You are broken inside.
You have a crush.
You had your first crush when you were 8.
You love bright colors.
Your room is very colorful.
You have been called unique.
You would say you are unique.
You like to be spontaneous.
You wish you were even more of a free spirit.
You love adventure.
You used to have severe ADHD.
You have endometriosis.
You have acid reflux.
Chocolate gives you chest pains.
You take vitamins.
Chocolate makes you unfocused and hyper.
You have had cramps so bad you threw up.
You have allergies.
You're allergic to dust.
You feel alone.
You have no friends.
You have no one you can trust.
You've contemplated suicide.
You like the way you look.
You enjoy taking selfies.
You like tea.
You like strawberries.
You like smoothies.
You love macaroni and cheese.
You like sushi.
You look Chinese food.
You're not a big fan of Mexican food.
You think chili is disgusting.
You think pickles are disgusting.
You like to read.
You like to write.
You have very neat handwriting.
You are extremely right-brained.
You are an introvert.
You are artistic.
You are creative.
You were an Art major.
You like painting.
You like drawing.
You like taking pictures.
You like decorating.
You enjoy typing.
You wrote a lot of poems and stories and plays when you were young.
You grew up watching Nickelodeon.
You've won an art scholarship.
You've won an essay contest.
You've donated your hair to Locks of Love.
You've been manipulated.
You have too much clutter.
You need to de-clutter.
You hate injustice.
You are mad at your best friend right now.
Someone has recently hurt you.
You are done.
You often just want to give up.
You have cut yourself.
You have cried yourself to sleep.
You enjoy eating kale.
You like lasagna.
Kale is your favorite vegetable.
Strawberries are your favorite fruit.
You love chocolate.
You like long hair.
Your hair is long.
You hair is naturally curly/wavy.
...but on bad hair days it's flat and straight.
You have a big smile.
People compliment you on your smile.
You hate math.
You hate reading music.
You hate making pottery.
You are disgusted by gross things.
You've had a bad experience donating blood.
Tootsie Fruit Chews are your favorite Halloween candy.
Belle is your favorite Disney princess.
The song "Ain't it Fun" by Paramore describes your life.
You've been bullied.
You often get bullied.
You've been banned for no reason.
You've been rejected for no reason.
You used to have a purple boombox.
Your first CD was A*Teens.
You love the book Anne of Green Gables.
You consider Anne to be a kindred spirit.
You are spiritual.
You are intuitive.
You are supernatural.
You've had encounters with the supernatural.
You love Jesus.
Prayer is an essential part of your life.
You read the Bible.
You worship Jesus.
You love to worship.
You pray.
You wear yoga pants.
You own a pair of jeggings.
You have muscular legs.
Your nails are usually painted.
You enjoy wearing make-up.
You can dance.
You can sing.
You've received many compliments on your singing voice.
You're an artist.
You're a writer.
You want to write novels.
You wish you could travel the world.
You want to visit New York City.
You have a bucket list.
You like frappacinos.
You've been to the very first Starbucks in Seattle.
You've slept under the stars.
You've been camping.
You enjoy camping.
You enjoy hiking.
You wish you could go camping, hiking, and kayaking more.
You love swimming.
You wish you had been in gymnastics.
You love to dance.
You are energetic.
You've been told your handwriting was perfect.
You get restless if you sit still for too long.
Your parents beat you.
You feel worn.
You love someone.
You feel all alone in the word.
You like dogs.
You hate huge spiders and snakes, but you don't mind small ones.
You like pretty things.
You like to gaze on beauty.
You prefer the mountains to the beach.
You tan well.
You have Irish in you.
You can lick the tip of your nose.
Your feet are wide in the front.
You have a pet allergy.
You've never had detention.
You were homeschooled.
You went to a public high school.
You attended a private university.
You've been to youth group.
You've been on the track team.
You always wanted to a jump a hurdle but you were too scared to.
You have to wear three pairs of gloves in the winter.
You are hated by someone.
You've been a patient in the ER.
You've had an asthma attack.
You've had bronchitis.
You believe in God.
You are a healer.
You own and use a devotional.
You don't have any tattoos.
You aren't sheltered.
You have your ears pierced.
You were obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley when you were younger.
You like glitter.
Fall is your favorite season.
You love life.
^You just wish it were better.
You feel worn out today.
You comfort eat, even though you know you shouldn't.
You are not sure what you are going to do later.
You wish you had wings.
You are a free spirit.
You look like your brother.