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Author: kurtcobainluver27
Created: February 14, 2017
Taken: 114 times
Rated: PG

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have you ever long  

Have you ever? 2017 edition

Created by kurtcobainluver27 and taken 114 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever?:
Got into a car accident?
Ran away from home?
Watch Disney movies as an adult?
Skipped work/school just for the heck of it?
Lied to your parents?
Cheated on your bf/gf?
Smoked pot?
Kissed someone 20+ years older than you (who isn't a family member)?
Like someone who was out of your league?
Hated someone?
Got into a fight?
Got in trouble with the law?
Drank alcohol?
Partied in high-school?
Listened to Country music?
And hated it?
Been bullied?
Rebelled against everyone?
Met the opposite gender of yourself?
Graduated high-school?
Gone to college?
Collected something?
If so, what?
Watched all Lord of the Rings movies?
How about Harry Potter?
Star Wars?
Considered yourself to be a nerd?
Took a cooking class in high-school?
Read the same book over 8+ times?
have/had a best friend quite older than you?
have/had a friends with benefits?
been with your bf/gf longer than 7 years?
lost a best friend through death?
lost all your grandparents?
loved a friend but was too shy to admit it?
watched an Edward Norton movie?
heard of Kurt Cobain?
had a favorite band?
If so, what?
watched the movie Death to Smoochy? (It's hilarious)
voted for president?
watch the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in 2016?
had lice?
dress up as something silly for Halloween?
If so, what?
what other people do for a living?
questioned your life choices?
been to rehab?
shot a gun?
played the Sims (any of them 1-4)?
played Skyrim?
owned a old fashioned video game console?
watched Wall-E?
wrote in a dream journal?
bought and used tarot cards?
bought and used an Ouija board?
believed in God?
believed in nothing?
believed in a Higher Power?
been to a professional football game?
went to see the same movie in theaters more than once?
been diagnosed with a disorder?
been to a therapist?
sang in front of a crowd?
played an instrument?
failed a class?
been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
been a road trip with friends?
had a friend use you?
loved yourself?
googled something strange?
If so, what?
had a obsession with something/someone?
If so, what or who?
lost a parent?
lost a pet?
cried so much you felt numb?
cut yourself?
tried to commit suicide?
had depression?
listened to a full album?
wore a tie-dyed shirt?
went to Disney World/Land?
talked on the phone with someone almost all day?
texted so much that your thumbs hurt?
wrote a story?
And actually finished writing the story?
missed someone so much it hurt?
wished you were young again?
lied about your age?
became friends with someone who was your enemy at one point?
hated your parent/parents?
hated your school?
hated your job?
wished upon a star?
seen a ghost or anything paranormal?
If so, what?
played board games all night?
listened to music in the dark?
had a fear of something?
If so what?
enjoyed this survey?