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Author: joybucket
Created: February 13, 2017
Taken: 16 times
Rated: G

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Valentine's Inspired Have You Ever

Created by joybucket and taken 16 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever...
dressed up for Valentine's Day
been on a date
asked someone out on a date
asked someone out and been rejected
told someone you liked them and been rejected
had a secret crush whom you hoped liked you, too
had a crush whom you admired from afar
ate a box of chocolates in one sitting
worn red lipstick
worn hot pink lipstick
dyed your hair pink
worn pink tights
worn pink leggings
drawn a heart on your face
drawn a heart on your hand
made a valentine card with doilies
made a valentine card with markers and construction paper
ate a chocolate and thought "this is gross"
received flowers on valentine's day
written a love poem
written a love song
done something embarrassing in front of your crush
had a crush hate you
had a crush turn on you
been dumped
dumped someone
had a boyfriend
had a girlfriend
kissed a boy
kissed a girl
worn a cupid costume
shot someone with an arrow
ate conversation hearts
received a teddy bear from a significant other
thought of yourself as romantic
cried during a movie
listened to a song that made you cry
cried over someone you loved
had a crush on a teacher
had two crushes at the same time
been in love with someone
lost your virginity
worn a promise ring
been engaged
been married
been on a honeymoon
cheated on someone
been cheated on
dated someone online
dated someone long-distance
questioned whether you really wanted to get married or not
questioned whether or not you wanted kids
been divorced
confessed your feelings to your crush
confessed your feelings to your crush and then been rejected
felt loved
had a mother who loved you
had a father who loved you
trusted someone fully
had your trust betrayed
not been able to trust anyone
cried over someone you missed
wrote a love letter to yourself
completed a "love yourself" challenge
given yourself a valentine
worn red glitter nail polish
traveled to Paris
had a romantic date with someone
made your Barbie dolls get crushes on each other
wrote to an advice columnist in a magazine
planned your wedding on Pinterest
planned a real wedding
dreamed of what your wedding dress would look like
been in a wedding
been to a wedding
lost someone important to you
been rejected by someone you loved
had someone you love turn against you
drawn hearts in the margins of your notebook at school
typed <3
ridden in a hot air balloon