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Author: joybucket
Created: February 5, 2017
Taken: 35 times
Rated: G

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Created by joybucket and taken 35 times on Bzoink
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You're terrified.
A lot of what you read online makes you shake your head.
You wish life were simpler and more magical.
You wish your life were less cluttered.
You have too much clutter.
You are frustrated that your space isn't getting cleaned faster.
You are angry.
You've been abused.
You've thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to live in the olden days?"
You are poetic.
You enjoy reading literature.
You have a personal relationship with God.
You are prophetic.
You know what prophetic means.
You have a crush.
You don't know what your crush thinks of you.
You imagine that your crush likes you, too, but you don't know for sure.
Your crush doesn't seem to notice or care about you.
You are afraid of someone.
You feel threatened.
There is a church in your town you don't feel welcome at.
You slept in today.
You didn't make it to church this week because you slept in.
You've realized you let people walk all over you and that you need to...
...stop being a pushover.
You're hurting.
Saying you're terrified is an understatement.
You don't have anyone you can fully trust.
Your parents betrayed you.
Your best friend broke your heart.
You've been abused by your parents, brother, and best friend.
You've recently had someone turn on you.
You're scared.
You feel unworthy.
You worry that you're not really a good person and that you didn't do...
...the right thing.
You worry if you said the right thing or not.
^You hope you did, and if not, you're sorry.
..But you're scared to say so--you're scared to say anything, in case...
..it's the wrong thing.
Sometimes you wish you had less emotions.
Sometimes you wish you could just shut your feelings off.
You're not sure how much more you can handle.
Your hurt inside.
Your crush is really good looking.
Chocolate makes it hard for you to focus.
You often crave chocolate.
Chocolate gives you chest pains.
You take birth control pills.
^for endometriosis.
You have never questioned your gender.
You have never wished you were the opposite gender.
You have never felt attracted to someone of the opposite gender.
You feel panicked.
You might go to counseling if you were absolutely sure that the...
...counselor was going to be a good person.
You're worried that you made a mistake.
Your dad is a jerk.
Your parents have no respect for you at all.
You've had the cops called on you.
You've had the cops come inside your house and question you.
You love hugs.
You wish you could hug people more often.
You listen to Christina Grimmie.
You listen to Avril Lavigne.
You enjoy reading Girl's Life magazine.
You have a Lisa Frank wall calendar.
You enjoy taking selfies.