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Author: joybucket
Created: January 18, 2017
Taken: 38 times
Rated: G

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Have you ever

Created by joybucket and taken 38 times on Bzoink
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known someone who's name started with a Y?
met someone from another country?
met someone from Ethiopia?
met someone from India?
met someone from Australia?
met someone from Uzbekistan?
met someone from Japan?
met someone from China?
met someone from Romania?
met someone from England?
met someone from Germany?
had your hair turn green from chlorine?
thought about ending your life?
felt completely alone?
thought about how weird it is that you have no one to talk to?
wished your feet were smaller?
looked in the mirror and loved your body?
thought your body type was perfect and ideal?
felt jealous of someone else after they hurt you?
wondered what it was like to be someone else?
wished you were someone else?
felt like throwing up, and swallowed it down?
wondered what it would be like to be heterosexual?
wondered what it would be like to be homosexual?
questioned something you did?
held back in fear?
stepped outside of your comfort zone?
been in love and felt miserable?
made a mistake?
danced in the rain?
ridden a subway?
ridden in a taxi?
ridden a dolphin?
ridden a camel?
ridden an elephant?
cried yourself to sleep?
slipped a love note in someone's locker?
fallen over backward from leaning back in a chair too far?
fallen flat on your face?
wet your pants in public?
slipped and fell on the ice?
lived where it snowed?
seen fireflies?
wished you were dead?
longed to be loved?
looked up a Scripture on the Internet?
memorized Scripture for a Sunday school class?
had to memorize the US states in alphabetical order?
had to memorize the names of all the US presidents?
been through something traumatic?
been abused?
been bullied?
got kicked out of school?
been kicked out of a church?
been kicked out of your house?
been excluded from a group?
posted something online and then get attacked for it?
felt threatened?
felt panicked?
loved life?
wanted more of life?
wished you could relive a certain moment over again, because it was so good
wished you could redo a certain moment, cuz you messed it up?
baked a chocolate cake?
baked gingerbread cookies?
gotten sick from nail polish remover?
had a cough that just wouldn't let up?
signed someone's yearbook?
had someone sign your yearbook?
throw your school papers in the hall at the end of the school year?
painted school colors on your face?
been to a pow wow?
had an angelic encounter?
encountered a demon?
been treated inferior?