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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: January 12, 2017
Taken: 48 times
Rated: PG

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Are You Like My Exes? xD

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 48 times on Bzoink
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You have strawberry blonde hair.
You have blue eyes.
You wear glasses.
You are half Mexican.
Your skin is very pale.
You have acne.
You're a bit chubby.
You're short.
You're a good painter.
You like to doodle.
You have short hair.
You have cut yourself before.
You've been suicidal.
You are a bro.
You were in marching band in highschool.
You played/play the clarinet.
You have blonde hair.
You make up your own words.
You enjoy cuddling.
You'v e never been in a long-term relationship.
You like to drink.
Your dad is no longer living.
You are still friends with your friends from highschool.
You have worked at a pizza place.
You had much longer hair in highschool.
You've listened to Family Force 5.
You are Mexican, but don't speak Spanish.
You have black hair.
You have brown eyes.
You have facial piercings.
You absolutely love Pokemon.
You live stream games on Twitch.
You've listened to Coheed & Cambria.
You love Sonic the Hedgehog.
You have a shiba inu.
You are soon to have a child.
You have long hair.
One of your parents has been to jail multiple times.
You've done a ton of drugs/smoked/drank a lot.
You are extremely intelligent.
You play a ton of videogames.
You work in an IT department.
You love extremly salty foods.
You're tall.
You have facial hair.
Your favorite food is salsa.
You have been in a relationship that's lasted five years or longer.
You are engaged.
You have siblings that are at least ten years younger than you.
You are an atheist.
You listen to many different kinds of music.
You have epilepsy.
You have a Southern accent.
You've gone through many hairstyles.
Your hair is naturally a golden brown.
Your ears are pierced/gauged.
You wear hats a lot.
You are in a long-term relationship.
You are from Kentucky.
You have a tiny dog.
You listen to a lot of pop punk.
You're a good singer.
You're a good guitarist.
You're a good bassist.
You have always been very poor.
You have emo hair.
You've been with a ton of girls/guys.
You used to be in a band.
You have a step-sibling.
You listen to screamy music.
You've moved away since highschool.
You have a big dick/boobs.
You are a horny person.
You've had a room mate before.
One of your parents owns a huge truck.
You ride a bike a lot.
You like to buy gifts for your significant other.
You watch a lot of movies.
Who are you most like?