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Author: joybucket
Created: January 5, 2017
Taken: 15 times
Rated: PG

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Are you like me? deeper questions

Created by joybucket and taken 15 times on Bzoink
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You wish you had someone you could trust.
Cold and dreary weather makes you sad.
You love life, but the burdens hit you hard.
Sometimes you just wish you could shut your feelings off.
You have trouble staying organized, and you wish you knew how to do it.
Your room is a mess right now.
You need help.
You feel alone.
You feel empty inside.
You've felt empty and alone for years.
You hate having the urge to run but not being able to.
...because it's too cold outside.
You don't trust pastors.
You wish you had a mom that you could talk to.
Your parents don't love you.
Your parents abused you.
Your parents disowned you.
You miss your mom.
You are hurting.
You long for a mother.
You've never liked a guy before.
You wish you had someone to confide in.
You are happy with the way you look.
...you just wish you could have good hair days more often.
Your friends are "too busy" for you.
Your crush doesn't pay attention to you.
You long to be loved.
You've felt like you were all alone in the world.
You've felt like you were all alone in a world full of people out to..
...destroy you.
You made a stupid mistake in the summer of 2014.
2011 was a terrible year for you.
The summer of 2011 was the worst summer of your life.
The summer of 2014 was a really good summer.
...but it could have been better, if it weren't for you.
You are lonely. :(
You need someone. :(
You don't know how to organize your space, and you have no motivation to...
..do it.
You are suffering from a chronic pain disease.
...called endometriosis.
You live alone.
Your best friend betrayed you.
You've been bullied by a church leader.
You've been bullied by a teacher.
You've been cyberbullied.
You've been bullied at school.
You've been bullied in your home.
You've been bullied at an exercise class.
You've been bullied at church.
You've been bullied by a store or restaurant manager.
You've been bullied at work.
You've been harassed at work.
You feel nobody loves you.
You have no one to talk to.
You feel drawn to someone that you want to talk to.
You can't find your journal.
You're not always that smart with money. :(
You want someone to love you and pay attention to you.
You've been to a funeral this year.
It seems like a lot of people are dying lately.
Your brother just lost a friend of his in an accident.
Your brother has lost two friends in accidents.
You have been in a car accident.
You have suffered from a mental illness. (If so, what? Mine was ADHD.)
No one accepts you for you are (or so it seems that way.)
You have no one.
Your life is very similar to Amanda Todd's.
You've watched Amanda Todd's flashcard video on Youtube.
You hope to meet Amanda Todd in Heaven someday.
You are blessed.
You believe in Jesus with all your heart. :)
...and you love Him.
You get mad at yourself when you make a mistake.
You beat yourself up and think "I should have known better."
Sometimes you sleep with the light on because you feel afraid of the dark.
You want an adult you can talk to.
You wonder, Why is there no one?
Your pastor just left his wife and his church and ran off.
Your parents stole from you.
Your parents stole your free will from you. :(
Your parents lied to you.
You've found that you can't tell anyone you're struggling, or they'll...
...look down on you.
You've found that no one really cares.
You've found that most people are selfish and only care about making money.
They really wouldn't care if you were dead.
You've had someone try to kill you.
You've felt threatened for your life.
You've called the cops on someone.
You've had the cops called on you.
You've been sexually harassed.
You've been molested.
You've self-harmed.
You've contemplated suicide.
You've had a negative experience with a counselor.
You've been to counseling and thought, "I don't see how this would help...
You've had a counselor not treat you right.
You like Avril Lavigne songs.
You like Paramore's song "Ain't it Fun."
...because you identify with it so much
You've been betrayed by someone who claimed to love you.
You've been a victim of someone's jealousy.
...which you felt was unjust.
You've worried about becoming homeless.
You've been close to becoming homeless.
Your parents kicked you out of your house.
You've been fired from a job.
You've been excluded from a group for no reason.
You get bullied relentlessly.
You are a target for bullies.
You see bullying online all the time.
You've realized you were sheltered as a kid.
...even though your life as a kid wasn't that great.
You hurt. :(
You've realized that support groups where people share and care about..
..each other are a thing of the past.
You've found that everyone turns against you sooner or later (or most...
...people, at least.)
You suspect you've been ripped off because you are a girl.
You've felt discriminated against.
You've had someone get angry after you told them you felt hurt.
You've been to the emergency room.
You know someone who's died of cancer.
You have a friend who's had three immediate family members get cancer.
You've been called gay (but you're not).
You've been called homophobic (but you're not).
You've been accused of being gay and the same time when you were..
..questioning your sexuality.
The church doesn't accept you.
You've been hurt by the church.
What keeps you hanging on is that you have a friend who needs you.
You have a crush.
Your crush doesn't notice you, and it hurts.
You've suffered from endometriosis for years before you found out that's...
..what you had.
...and you still haven't been officially diagnosed.
You had your free will stolen from you.
You are terrified.