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Author: joybucket
Created: December 30, 2016
Taken: 41 times
Rated: G

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This past year, have you...

Created by joybucket and taken 41 times on Bzoink
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done something you regret?
made a mistake?
made a bad decision?
beat yourself up over something you did?
cut your hair?
got a new hairstyle?
changed your look?
got a whole new wardrobe?
got a new job?
got a tattoo?
got a new boyfriend or girlfriend?
had the same boyfriend or girlfriend all year?
had a best friend?
made a new friend?
lost a friend?
been bullied?
got a new job?
gone to school?
taken a class?
grown as a person?
thought about suicide?
attempted suicide?
got married?
had a child?
got engaged?
went on vacation?
had a life-changing experience?
been to the emergency room?
had surgery?
had the cops come to your house?
been questioned by the cops?
kept your new year's resolution?
moved into your own place?
got a piercing?
gone on a date?
been abused?
been neglected?
ate too much?
comfort ate?
starved yourself?
had someone try to kill you?
fallen in love?
fallen out of love?
been in a crisis?
been left out?
donated blood?
driven a car?
enjoyed a sunrise?
enjoyed a sunset?
drank alcohol?
enjoyed Christmas lights?
painted something on canvas?
written a story?
written a poem?
decorated something?
handwritten a letter?
took a huge risk?
drew a self-portrait?
won an award?
done something that was on your bucket list?
cleaned your room?
eaten sushi?
been to Starbucks?
discovered a new drink you like?
discovered a new food you like?
tried something new?
been to a concert?
gone camping?
been to a renessaince faire?
celebrated Halloween?
taken a selfie?
lost weight?
gained weight?
accomplished a goal?
met someone famous?
asked out your crush?
been asked out by your crush?
had a crush?
went out with your crush?
wondered why you had feelings for a certain person?
wished you could just make your emotions disappear?
been sick?
read a good book?
made a stupid decision?
wished your life wasn't a nightmare?
loved someone?
made a youtube channel?
posted a video on youtube?
loved yourself?