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Author: wildwarriorwoman
Created: December 21, 2016
Taken: 37 times
Rated: G

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Have You Ever

Created by wildwarriorwoman and taken 37 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever....
moved across the country
contemplated suicide
questioned your sexuality
attempted suicide
slept under the stars
asked out your crush
told your crush how you felt about them
posted your secrets on the Internet
stood up to a bully
been on a diet
had a job
lived in a college dorm
been engaged
got married
had a child
given birth
lost a child
been in a wedding
been to a wedding
been to a funeral
had your dream job
lived your dream
had a college roommate
been to Disney World or Disneyland
been on a cruise
bungee jumped
been homeless
worried about becoming homeless
been bullied
cried yourself to sleep
cried in class
cried at church
cried on someone's shoulder
had a nightmare
felt that you were living in a nightmare
had cramps so bad you threw up
had terrible cramps
been hospitalized
been to the emergency room
ridden in an ambulence
broken a bone
given your life to Jesus
been baptized in water
been filled with the Holy Spirit
spoken in tongues
suffered from anxiety
suffered from depression
hated yourself
ran away
wanted to run away/dreamt of running away
had the cops called on you
been arrested
got a tattoo
had your ears pierced
had something else pierced
played Truth or Dare
wished you were someone else
wished you could travel back in time
regretted something
had something on your heart
laughed so hard you cried
threw up from coughing so hard
been in so much pain that you prayed you would die
ridden an elephant
ridden a camel
ridden a roller coaster
performed in a musical
been the lead in a musical or play
sang a solo in front of an audience
sang in a choir
danced in front of a crowd
been abused
been molested
been raped
had someone force themself upon you
been punished for doing right
been hated for no reason
been excluded from a group
had a group of girls turn against you
been bullied online
craved chocolate
stepped outside of your comfort zone